Monday, September 29, 2008

Don't Let it Get You Down

Today I had the craziest thing happen to me at work.
I'm lucky I'm alive to tell the story.
This afternoon I was putting files away in the closet where my boss keeps her filing cabinet. There I was filing away minding my own business when all of a sudden the filing cabinet starts leaning toward me. Then all 6 drawers rolled open at once and all the files I had laying on top of the filing cabinet came crushing down on me while I'm trying to hold the filing cabinet up to keep it from knocking me down from the weight of it!
While all this is in the process of nearly killing me, I let out a slight scream. Then one of my coworkers heard me and came running in to the closet asking me what happened and she could see I was nearly being consumed by the filing cabinet. It was like something right out of Amity ville Horror. Or Alfred Hitchcock could have made a movie out of this story right here.
So she grabbed the side of the filing cabinet and started throwing the files on top of a shelf to our left. I'm still holding on for dear life trying not to let the filing cabinet take me to the floor. Then she uses her foot to start kicking shut some of the doors and by this time we were both able to start slowly lifting the cabinet back up and into it's place. Off of me.
My death certificate would have read:
Death By Filing Cabinet.
It could have been worse. I could have died with a mullet.
That's me with a mullet when I was about 8.
Not to mention the 20 year old tennis shoes I'm wearing with the high water pants. And socks that don't match my awesome flannel shirt.
spell check update: spell check will not allow me to type the word crap it's claiming it's misspelled.
Spell check does not use the word crap as frequently as I do. Obviously.


aunt diana said...

So glad you're okay and that the filing cabinet didn't take you to the floor - we'd miss you! By the way, did you get the title for your blog "smiling's my favorite" from the movie Elf? We just watched that the other night and heard him say that line & it made us think of your blog.

Pam said...

WOW! I am thinking between your filing cabinet and my gun shots we are quite a pair! What would my death certificate say... "mistaken for a deer...oops" Nice to "meet" you, I'll leave a comment to you on my own blog about "Mr. Linky"

Sarah said...

Oh, I remember your Purple flannel and light blue socks with your highwater pants and 20 year old tennis shoes... You are who I learned MY style from! Dang. Where was Heidi Clume when we needed her? She coulda taught us somethin'...

Joy ☺ said...

Yep! Smiling's My Favorite came from the movie Elf! :)

ashley said...

i am SOOO happy you are safe! if you had died from that filing cabinet...well i just don't know what i would do! i would never seen you again...and it's already been ages since i've seen your face! i did see your boss's face though the other day at the speedway gas station! it was like 3:40 and i was getting gas before class....and i thought crud, i want sherry to think i'm still hard at work at school...not out and about at 3:40 already! :)

RetroBoss said...

funny story.. only cuz youre ok. Cool mullet and photo.

Holly said...

At least you can't claim that your life is boring...! Glad you're still here in this life with us ! :-)