Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Tire?

Dawson is.
*Editors Note: We do not endorse child torment.
Jason uses an inner tube from a tractor tire to play games with at some of his campus life jv clubs. This past week, he had to bring the tube home with him because he didn't have time to take the inner tube back to the office after club was over. It was at the first club game that we discovered.. Dawson is deathly afraid of the inner tube.
Anytime we would get near it, he would start to cry, ask me to hold him and then cling to me for dear life. Of course Jason thought it was funny, while I thought, "is there a clinical diagnosis for this?" -unnatural fear of tire innards?
When we got home we wanted to test this out with Dawson...
It didn't take long for Dawson to become friends with the tire. All his fears were diminished.
But not without a little fun first...
*No Dawsons or tire inner tubes were hurt in the making of this post*
If you have an unnatural fear of tire innards, there is hope.
Don't give up.


Grammy G said...

I am so proud of my little grandson overcoming his fear of tire innards - no thanks to his dad!

Dani said...

You inspire me to take more videos. Thank you!

I will miss blogging with you again -- I am off for two weeks. Hope to see you soon!
Miss you!!