Friday, October 3, 2008

A Day in the Life of the Bangball

Look what I can do.
Does this make me smart brilliant genius?
Oooh. Look at me and my bad self.
Do you know how exciting it is to be able to underline and strike out?
You should try it.

On to better things..
Like 8th grade skinny me with a bangball.

I was Queen of the bangball. It wasn't hard to have a bangball when you had a poodle perm. I'm noticing my luscious lips are to die for too. Oh. Don't forget the way it used to be cool to tie your shirt in a knot in the middle. Actually, I think I kind've look like a gypsy. With my big hoop earrings.

This next part is especially for you Michelle! Had I known your dad previously worked for Pepsi, I would have begged you daily for paraphernalia. And to be your best friend for life. Lucky for you, he's retired now.
I Heart PEPSI. I am willing to admit that I have a Pepsi shrine in our spare bedroom. Well, it's not a shrine, really.
I don't like that word, shrine.

Worth a dime! Costs a Nickel!
Jason bought me those signs for Christmas one year.
Now for the unveiling.

Yes. I bought Jason Pepsi pajama bottoms for Christmas last year so that I could have that tall Pepsi piggy bank there on the left. Selfish? I think not.
He never wears them.
Now to end this post with some pictures of my most handsome hippy-haired son in his tux that he's wearing for "Aunt Nessa's" wedding!!

I may even have him go barefoot down the aisle...


Sarah said...

I NEED to know how you do the strike out!!!! There are so many occations in which I could have used it, but alas could not b'cuz I am not nearly as smart or resourceful as you.... PLLLLLEEEEZZZZ tell me how to strike out!!!!

aunt diana said...

Dawson looks incredibly handsome in his tux. I can't wait to see him walk down the aisle with the little flowergirl. There will be tons of camera's going off at that point - so you'd better warn Dawson that he'll be like a movie star with the paparazzi after him! Hey - I have the same jewelry cleaner that you do (on your dresser), just thought you'd want to know.

michelle said...

ohhhh...i feel so famous! i was mentioned in your blog! :-) just for that, I'll have to see what I can dig up from the Pepsi archives at our house. (but should I tell the secret? my dad doesn't drink pop...and I prefer coke most of the time!)

too bad we didn't know each other years ago. they used to bottle the pop at the plant where my dad worked. i went on tours hundreds of times. you would have loved it. the best was the bottle-washing room with bubbles up to the ceiling (when they still used glass bottles). and i'll never forget the smell of the syrup they use... ah those were the days.

Dawson looks adorable. maybe in 30 or so years we'll have to reintroduce him to Milla!

jenn said...

ha ha...bangball! never heard that before, but glad you had a picture to illustrate :). i had the fabulous moon cut, where my bangs were cut in a way that it was longer on the ends and went up in the middle. yeah, i won't be sharing pictures :). ha ha! and the little man looks cute in his tux! he's stylin'...even barefoot! love ya lots..m.e.

Jodi said...

Hey Joy! You've been tagged :) Love you!!!