Thursday, September 4, 2008

If I have a problem with someone, I don't pee on them

I'm giddy with excitement over all the comments I got on my last post. It's causing me to think I need to post about potty training every day, just so I can get more comments.
I was told by a coworker that there used to be a gentleman that worked in our office who would take the spoon from the spoonholder by the coffee & creamer, use it to stir his coffee, lick it, and then put it back on the spoonholder.
She found that out the hard way.
Be thankful you don't work with one of those.
Only 3 more shopping months until Christmas!!
Moving on to the fun we had on Labor day:
After several hours of conversation concerning how bored we were we decided to go to Chain-O-Lakes State Park. And now that I'm seeing it spelled out, I'm loving the fact that they have the "O" in there. Like it's an Irish park or something. But it's not. Don't be fooled.
Part of the conversation concerning our boredom included talking Dawson into keeping his sunglasses on. Because he looks way too cool to keep taking them off. Which he did.
Off to the Park where we swam.
Well, Dawson floated. Jason and I waded in up to our chests and it took us about 35 minutes to do that because the water was so cold and we are wimps.
Then we went for a paddle boat ride while Dawson constantly tried getting into the back of the paddleboat to jump off the paddleboat into the water. This is why we opted out of the canoe. Maybe we should have opted for the canoe.
Lastly, (say like you are ending the thesis statement for a big research report) we found a spot at the park to grill out.
Notice the ghetto rig Jason came up with to level out the grill. Notice also that the hotdgo is Dawson's. Jason calls it "tube steak."
Jason grilled.
Dawson got bored.
Then Jason got bored.
You know you're bored when you fake smoking a log just because the end of it is smoking.
I'm hoping you all will notice the fab BAM-BAM hair I'm sporting.
Actually, the Flintstones to the idea for Bam-Bam's hair from me.

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♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

dawson does look like hott stuff with those sun glasses on;) haha. it's ok...when it comes to swimming in cold water, im a whimp too!! like the bam-bam hair!