Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Perfect Couple

Herein lies the reason Jason and I were made for each other...
If we were together during any of these years, we still would have looked GREAT together.
See for yourself:

Me in 1962:
In 1966:
In 1990:

In 1954:
In 1990:

Oh man, I laughed so hard at Jason's pictures that I cried.
You try it! Go to www.yearbookyourself.com It's fun!
If you do your own pictures though, be sure and email me a copy or leave me a comment letting me know where I can see them!


Anonymous said...

wow...enough said!


Dani said...

ha ha ha ha!! Your post definitely made me smile this morning! :) I know I could not make hair look that good! By the way, vintage is "in." Maybe you should pick one of these hairstyles and go for a different look -- don't you want to be trendy? I personally like Jason's mullet the best. Dawson could grow one too of course. :)

I miss you!! I am back at work, so maybe I can get back to blogging one of these days. Also, I think we need to have a dinner date soon! Chips and salsa are calling to me! Love Ya, Danielle

aunt diana said...

I've seen this website before - it's hilarious! I love the 1966 one of you and the 1990 one of Jason. Oh my - I'm still cracking up and can't wait till the girls see this! If we try our pictures this way, we'll let you know!

Gloria said...

How funny, this is hilarious! Jason, you are a lovely daughter.

Gloria said...

I meant to say Jason you are a lovely SON!