Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pea Soup

Have you ever had pea soup?
I haven't.
Monday night I was laying in bed watching "Bess Moore" (as Dawson calls her) doing my bible study and Jason was in rare form. Which is really not that unusual I guess now that I think about it.

The next thing I know, he runs and grabs the flashlight and takes the camera from me.
He has an idea.

The following pictures are freaky.
Should I have been scared? Beth Moore was really holding my interest at this point.
Um. I think his face was burning.

Now my attention has turned to Jason.
Should I be concerned a this point?

These next pictures are purely for entertainment purposes.

This picture makes me feel like I'm electrifying.


aunt diana said...

Those are some of the most interesting "ghostly & creepy" pictures I've ever seen. How does Jason come up with these creative & enlightening - LOL - ideas? I think Jason needs a "guys night out" don't you? By the way, I love your fancy little signature at the end of your posts!

Sarah said...