Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Everything about weddings is so delightful. (minus the little mishaps that consume your life prior to the wedding, during the planning, but there's always food involved with weddings, so that makes up for it.)
I got the very special honor of being the matron of honor in my sister-in-laws wedding whom I love very much, and I cried when she left for her honeymoon. She promised she'd send me a post card from Mexico with both of them sunburned because they forgot to pack sunscreen, so I felt better after that.
If I didn't break this post down into several separate posts, I'd have a post much longer than the mighty Mississip. So here are pics and stories of the rehearsal...
Jenessa and I got up on Friday morning and got a pedicure.
The lady taking care of me scrubbed the bottom of my feet so hard with the sponge rock and it tickled so much that I peed my pants. No worries. I always pack extra underpants.
My sweet sis-in-law paid for this little treat and told me I was the best MOH. See why I love her?
We loaded up decorating supplies and headed to the church.
Where some of us worked:

This church has the most beautiful stained glass windows:
Time to rehearse!
Us bridesmaids practicing our smile for the big day:
Amber, Mindy, Joy
We're so cute.
Jenessa practicing her hold on her bouquet:
Now for the real question... Will he or won't he?
Of course Steve will go through with it!
I'm talking about Dawson! Will he go down the aisle??
With a little help from mommy he will, but he's supposed to walk with the flower girl...
At least we got this shot at the rehearsal...
Jenessa & Steve exchanging fake vows:
They couldn't exchange real one's because then they'd not need to get married on Saturday!
Dawson with Grandma G and Katie with her mommy:
That's a wrap!
Presentation of the married wannabe's
Off to the rehearsal dinner.
The Happy Couple, complete with sombrero:
Food! Glorious Food!
We sat with Jenessa & Steve's pastor and his wife.
The pastor's wife says her husband will never smile for pictures either...
She and I are going to start a ministry for wives who have husbands that won't smile for pictures. Contact me with questions.
Guess what Dawson got out of the whole deal:
ice cream.
He told me later he wants to be in more weddings for the ice cream.


Stephanie said...

The suspense is killing me! Did Dawson walk down the aisle? Did your dress work?!

by Flick said...

yeahhhhh....you're home!!!! i can't wait to see all the wedding pics! whatever you don't post bring with you when you come for our all nighter!!!! i love wedding pictures. :)