Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Wedding.

Who can sleep the night before a wedding?
I was so excited I think I got less sleep than Jenessa. Bright and early on Saturday I went with Jenessa to go and get her hair done. I'm kicking myself now because I kept telling myself at the time "self, remember to take the camera with you to the salon". But I didn't remember. So I'm making a new mental note to self "never trust your mental notes, write it down". Regardless, Jenessa's hair was so beautiful! I told her not to wash it for a week because that's what I would do.
I did get plenty of pictures of us getting ready at the church though! That should count for something shouldn't it? An extra diamond in my crown in heaven? Or a Twix candy bar?

(Steve's mom)
In the picture above w/ Dawson, you can see Jenessa's dress hanging up. It looks like it's glowing.
The bride gets her dress on:
Upstairs, the boys are ready to get this party started!
Because I was the matron of honor and had many duties, including making sure my very own son would walk down the aisle and behave like a respectable 2 year old once he got there, I also had to make sure the train of Jenessa's dress was presentable at all times. Which is why I have no pictures of the actual ceremony. Although, have you ever seen a bridesmaid taking pictures during a wedding ceremony? Cut me some slack okay? I do have some stories though!
Please note that Dawson must have some sort of vehicle in his presence at all times. You can see this by clicking on the above picture. Speaking of which...
My very brilliant mother-in-law had the idea to sew a car to the top of the ring-bearer pillow so that Dawson would be willing to carry it down the aisle. How clever is that?!
This worked like a gem at the rehearsal. However, 5 minutes before I was to walk down the aisle Dawson starts screaming because he couldn't get the car off the pillow! So I took the pillow, threw it and told Dawson he didn't need the car and to stop screaming. Then I walked down the aisle.
10 seconds before I got to the end of the aisle I hear "MOMMY! MOMMY!" And down runs Dawson grabbing my hand to walk with me the rest of the way. The flower girl, however, walked in quite perfectly. She placed her petals in strategic places on her way down. Dawson sat at my feet on the stairs, and the flowergirl sat beside him. All was well with the world. Then Jenessa came in. She was breathtaking!
Once Jenessa got to the end of the aisle, Dawson started taking flower petals from the flowergirl's basket and throwing them, one by one, at Jenessa's feet. We nixed that and during prayer, a young girl was able to take Dawson downstairs to the toddler room to play. Whew!
The ceremony was so sweet, and just perfect! (And, the matron of honor made sure Jenessa's train was looking rather splendid.)
I was able to get pictures after the ceremony:
Wait a minute. Let's a take a moment to zoom in on Dawson in this picture above...
hmm. I hope Jenessa is okay with how her pictures turn out...
And if you don't mind if I zoom in on that picture again.. I'd like everyone to see my pedicure:
Also for the record: Even if no one else in the bridal party is ready for that perfect shot, I AM:
Groom's family:
Bride's family:
If I might make a point here, the night before the wedding, Jason strained a muscle in his neck. He was in pain the whole wedding day. Hence the reason he is a "stiff neck" ha! get it?
Guess he was bored...
They got to greet people after the wedding:
Then we headed to the air force base for the reception and some outdoor pics:
Jenessa asked me to autograph her dress
No! Not really. She got a stain from the crab apples so we had to grab a stain stick.
Now we go inside for the reception.
And I must admit I was nervous beyond repair for the matron of honor toast. I even printed out several mock toasts to take along on the plane ride there so that I could prepare myself. Nothing I had prepared was said.
Speaking of the cake table. I'm so glad Dawson didn't knock it over.
Dawson did get a bit out of hand with the sparkling cider, complete with cake moustache.
But it lightened him up a bit:
Time to send off the bride and groom!
Family waits around to collect all the extra wedding favors and hide them from me:
And finally, no wedding is complete without a wayward toddler...


Sarah said...

I love the jumping pictures. I need to do those a lot more. And of course the outside pictures look so good too! You looked the one of the best MOH that I have ever seen. Have you thought about selling you MOH services? I'm sure some weddings need a MOH that is on top of her duties like you obviously were. Start putting together your portfolio.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree, an MOH resume looms on your horizon! If you notice, Dawson actually looks exactly like his dad in the pics of him after the ceremony...the same half-open eye I'm in pain look. Jennessa has one of the prettiest gowns I've ever seen, but I know that must've been in part because the train was so perfectly placed at all times. What a lovely wedding! I wish them both every happiness and several little cadets to play with Dawson!

Anonymous said...

OH! I also thought you really WERE autographing her dress!! THat might be a fun idea to incorporate in the future, MOH.

Aunt B-

Holly said...

Your blogs are always sooo entertaining--they make me feel like I was actually there at the events! :-) Your sister-in-law is blessed to have you in the family now! :-)