Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Knock knock.
Are you there?

Here it is!
Remember how I was saying I used to be the lead singer in a band called Tabgha?
Proof of my existence:
That's right. We had business cards!
Talk about extreme.
But that's not all:

The front and back of the song sheet we passed out at performances so people could sing along.
Jodi, do you recognize it?
Jodi was our groupie.
She also married the guitar player.
Groupies are always trying to do that.
I like the number 7.
And that's my transition to talk about Dawson now.
His imagination has started getting to his toys. They talk back to him now.


Jodi said...

You crack me up!!! Yes, the guitar player was definately the best looking one of the bunch :) I am sitting here laughing so hard. I'll miss you while I'm in Kenya!! Love you :)

shannonfay said...

I'm totally stalkable, but my blog is pretty boring right now, in dire need of an update! someday.....

-shannon ;)