Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Storm Clods

Today, I'm giving spell check a reason to smile.
I have found my 2nd grade "creative writing book".
My 2nd grade brain was so stinking creative that storm clods, -dark stormy clods made me screme!!
But my favorite of all is that I'm pretty sure I spelled the word "because" the way I pronounced it:
Please, I'll be signing autographs for my book deal after the Storm Clod presentation this afternoon.
But what could possibly be better than being A FAMOUS AMERICAN?
For my own purposes, I have chosen to keep you in suspense dying to know how I ended my story. Only I know the ending because I'm able to flip the page over and read the back.
Oh the Cruelty.
Look what else I found!
I received my very first ever Cassette tape "Carman" all folded up in this little plastic hand puppet bag one year for Christmas.
Because I like my name. It's great.
Has anyone out there ever seen the cartoon, Superbook?
Leaving you with video of Dawson and his incredible talent of shape finding.


Gloria said...

Ah, even in second grade, you were a writer in the making.

And that Dawson, I just love how he lines up his blocks in perfect order. Do you think he will be a perfectionist like his Dad?

aunt diana said...

Dawson's a smarty! Way to go with the shapes kiddo!

Kristin said...

Oh my word! I would DIE for my kids to write as neatly as you did in second grade!!!!