Thursday, November 6, 2008

Because We're, Goin to the Chapel...

We decided to take a little scenic route to the airport on our way home from Colorado.
First we stopped at Focus on the Family so that Dawson could record his voice for a segment of Adventures in Odyssey. Not really, but wouldn't that be cool? They just have an area where kids can play and do cool stuff so that's what we did. But not without a picture:
Grandpa G, Dawson & Grandma G
Dawson kept saying "look at the GIANT mountains".
I have taught him how to use his adjectives well.
Later we went to the Air Force Academy base.
Dawson was impressed with the airplanes.
I was impressed that someone got them to balance on a pole.
Then to the gift shop where Dawson got his new prized possession, a toy airplane.
I really wanted to buy a pilots license but they wouldn't let me.
And on to the base Chapel:
Let me tell you something, once inside I was dying to break out in song because the acoustics were so awesome in there. I knew this because Dawson was continually yelling out odd vowel sounds because he liked how it echoed and he enjoys hearing himself.
When I go back, I'm bursting forth with "If I Were A Rich Man" from Fiddler On The Roof.
I love my red comfy pants.
Going here also made me want to return home quickly and decorate for Christmas.
-Speaking of Christmas-
I saw my first Christmas commercial yesterday. It was for Lowes.
And it inspired to me go ahead and start my Christmas list. Well, actually add on to it, since you know, I started it on December 26th of last year.
Just out of curiosity, what do you all want for Christmas this year?
For some reason I really feel like this picture needs to be hanging on a wall somewhere.
I would call it "Suspended at the Park" or something really creative like that because I keep looking at this picture and I can't form a conclusion as to what is holding up that bench. I don't see any bench legs. Oh and creative people always give their artwork strange names. So technically, I'm killing 2 birds with one stone. Though I don't endorse killing birds with stones.


Dani said...

All I want is peace on earth of course. (Well.. a new camera lens would be nice. And more computer memory. And lots of clothes. And candy. And...)

I am planning to see you on Saturday -- unless I get to go squish and kiss a new little baby! I cannot wait to be an aunt!! I do hope you get to see me though. ha ha! Miss you!!

Grammy G said...

It was a nice break from wedding stuff when we went to the Air Force Academy.

michelle said...

you never cease to make me laugh! you're like me...jumping from one subject to the next with seemingly no connection! my co-workers always laugh because it seems like I'm changing the subject, but then I always start out "did you know -----? I thought of that because when you said ----, it made me think of ---- because ----" and I try to explain why the word pizza make me think of silkworms in China! (or something equally non-sensical!)


aunt diana said...

I love it "Suspended at the Park" -you're too funny! Actually I think Gloria's & Kirsten's legs are blocking the post holding the bench up from the back. I don't like this pic. of me though - crazy looking crooked smile and my leg is "suspended on the bench"!

♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

WOW...a pic my mom auctually lookes and SMILED for....i think thats a record.....congrats joy....its a keeper;) haha

Anonymous said...

YES!!!!!! kelsey is sooo right!!!! Joy-keep that picture of my mom forever!!! Send me copies!! Send it in Christmas cards.....make a t-shirt of it and come up here wearing it!!! We ALWAYS try taking pic. of her b/c we never have ANY and she ALWAYS MAKES us DELETE them!!!uggg......make sure you make copies!!! ;)

aunt diana said...

Joy - don't you listen to a word that Kelsey & Briana just wrote - or I'll have to take you out of my will - no goodies for you - LOL!
I just might let the girls take pictures of me if I lose 50 lbs.! Hey - tell me more about your supermodel diet on facebook - lol!