Wednesday, November 5, 2008

To Pee, or Not to Pee... That is the Question

Guess what I did yesterday:
I Voted
I would like to also announce that I raised a ruckus (hey male lurker #2, that saying was just to cheer up your day-get it? raise a ruckus-ha!) when I got to the town hall to vote, because I made a bold proclamation while I was standing in line. After I got all checked in and was waiting for my turn, I happened to see the stickers on the desk of the woman who checked off my name. Yes! I was going to get a STICKER! So I shouted out, I'm only here voting today so that I can get my "I Voted Today" sticker, can we please get this line moving? The lady offered for me to have my sticker right then and there, but I said no, I'd like to wait until after I vote so that way I wasn't being a liar when I paraded around town later that evening. Of course no one else even noticed the stickers so everyone wanted a sticker when they were finished voting. So now I'm pretty much famous. Since I now feel that my vote didn't count, I'm justified knowing I still got my sticker. Then I stuck it to Jason's pillow just before bed. Just because I could. I fell asleep before I found out if he noticed.
I can't think of anything else to chat about at the moment so here is video of Dawson.
He helped us make pizza muffins the other night.


Holly said...

oooh I love pizza muffins! We called them "circle pizzas" growing up :-)
Will I get to see ya this Sat????? :-) I'm pumped!!!

aunt diana said...

I love how Dawson says "I did it!" Those pizza muffins look good. I think Dawson should come to our place and make some for us. What a good little helper!

by Flick said...

you got your sticker, but did you go to starbucks and get a free coffee for voting? hmmmm...did you? i did! yummo!

Grammy G said...

Ah, how cute that my Grandson is learning to cook. His Daddy loved to peal potatoes - but little D may have to wait a few years before he trys that.

Sarah said...

My vote did not count either. I think there should be a re-vote, or something. I didn't even get a sticker... my day sucked. WAAAAA!!! Mmmmm pizza muffins.