Friday, December 5, 2008

Gas Station Food

This morning on my way in to work I had to stop at the gas station to get gas in my car
I have an uncanny love for gas station cappuccino. When I used my thesaurus just now, to see if uncanny was the word I wanted to use, these were my other options:


I preferred not to use the word creepy in my confessed love for gas station cappuccino's. Please forgive me.
While I was adding extra flavors (hazelnut creamer) to my french vanilla treat, a woman came up beside me and laid her gas station food on the counter right in front of me. This fine specimen she chose was wrapped in a package labeled "Tornado".
As I considered the fact that this woman was going to consume this edible object entitled "tornado" I had a feeling that indeed it was going to be a tornado...for her rear.

In other news...
Dawson thinks he's Iron Man.
Jason wears these socks around the house because he keeps our house at 25 degrees in the winter to save money. Dawson found the socks and wanted to put them on. These socks are so powerful that suddenly he was transformed into his favorite superhero.
This picture looks like he's trying to get the camera, but in actuality, this is what he does when he's using his Iron Man arm to shoot me.
Unfortunately the all powerful Iron Man socks have no traction.

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Holly said...

too funny!!