Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Airplane.

Dawson's current favorite toy of all time is his airplane. He asks for it each day when he wakes up, and asks to take it to bed with him. On occasion he begs to allow the airplane to bathe when he does. And as a result of all this attention, the airplane has about 10 less pieces on it then when it was initially bought for him by Grandma G.
Due to the fondness he holds for this toy, he loves anything to do with airplanes at all. He found a book that used to be mine when I was little, and inside are several pictures of airplanes.
Dawson discovered this and couldn't stop talking about it, as you will see by the following videos:
The magazine Jason is reading has an advertisement in it with a picture of Abraham Lincoln. What you don't see is Jason holding up the picture and announcing that Abraham Lincoln looks like Kramer from Seinfeld.
He's starting to get just a little excited.
How high can it go Dawson?
Where would I be if Dawson could READ?


Sarah said...

I love little boy's obsessions with things like airplanes, dump trucks... it's very cute.

I loved your last post too. I espially liked that you said your husband kept your house at 20 some degrees... Yeah, We need to wear snow suits INSIDE to keep warm in our house...

Grammy G said...

I just love how my little Dawson say aaiirrpwain...