Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cheese Art.

This is just a preview of the great things I have in store from my talented son. Who knew what he is capable of? This could be sold on ebay. I think it looks like the Pope.
It's way better than those finger paintings by 4 year olds that are proclaimed as idealist style. I just made that up.
Now I just have to keep asking myself what the internal nature was of this creative genius that expressed itself through cheese and pretzels. And seriously. Does Dawson not know what waste this was? Pretzels and cheese do not grow on trees Dawson. Hey, that rhymed. "Pretzels and cheese do not grow on trees.". I may get that published in a psychological thriller I write someday. Because everyone knows that psychological thrillers about pretzels and cheese are a hot commodity.
Here he is, as though saying "Voila"!
You can see the detail in the arrangement. How he put all those crumbs to good use.
You can also see how stinking cute dimples are in toddler hands.
Dawson will be signing autographed pictures of his famous art at a Barnes & Noble near you.
This will be the professional photo on the inside spine cover his new book.


Aunt B- said...

You go, girl; Dawson will have a full scholarship one way or another! The dimples photo is way too cute.

Holly said...

Too cute! Dawson looks like Jason in that last photo!

Grammy G said...

Maybe you could train Dawson to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for you guys! How cute!

♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

what a masterpiece!! i wish i could've done that when i was his age. i dnt even kno what a pope was. lol. love the last pic!! =)