Thursday, December 11, 2008

What is THIS?

Before this goes to court, allow me to defend my case.
"Ladies and gentelmen of the jury, I stand before you today as a mother. A mother who trys to be the best possible mother in every situation. On this day, the 29th of November, 2008, I was preparing for my annual toe-nail painting. You see, I can only paint my toe-nails once a year because I'm so busy tending to my motherly duties on all other days that I cannot fit it into my schedule. So as you can see, I was very excited to keep this appointment I had made, to go to the kitchen, sit on the floor, and paint my toenails. I decided it was best for me to sit on the kitchen floor, because it was Saturday morning, and Dawson was in the living room watching cartoons. I would be able to multi-task by painting my toenails AND keep an eye on my son at the same time. Very clever. I laid the supplies around me and as I did so, my curious 2 year old came over and plopped himself down beside me. Allow me to share with you the conversation we had."
Dawson: what you doin' mommy?
Me: Painting my toenails honey, why dont' you watch cartoons?
Dawson: painting you toenails? (sometimes he forgets to add the "r" to some words)
Me: I sure am
(At this point, Dawson takes off his socks and puts his feet beside mine)
Dawson: Mommy, you paint my toes?
Me: Honey, your daddy would freak out if I painted your toenails
Dawson: Daddy freak out?
Me: Yep.
Dawson: Mommy, paint this toe. PWEASE. Pwease mommy, paint this toe.
"As you can see, to ensure that I continue to be the best possible mother, I felt that I needed to at least paint his big toe. He was being polite. Thinking this would appease him, I just painted one toe. But then he saw I was painting all of my toes. On both feet. So he asked to have each of his toes painted as well. Which I did. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I ask that you look into your hearts, and find it within yourself to find favor with me. And possibly paint your toenails on this very night, so that you can empathize with a mother like myself.
Thank You.
Jason eventually forgave me.


Grammy G said...

Ah, how cute. Dawson's Daddy shouldn't complain because he had his OWN Cabbage Patch Doll... remember?

aunt diana said...

Yikes - I don't know if I'll ever be able to look at Dawson's cute little boy feet the same anymore! I guess as long as this isn't a regular thing he wants to do - one little time won't hurt. Just don't put your make-up on around him - that would be quite disturbing - LOL!

aunt diana said...

I meant that it would be quite disturbing if Dawson wanted you to put make-up on him - not that it would be disturbing for you to put on make-up!

♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

well, i think thats the first time i heard about a boy who WANTED his nails polished. usually it's by force. are you sure it wasent? lol. good thing Jason forgave you. hahaha. yeah, those pics are just kinda disturbing, like my mom said. ha

Sarah said...

I did that with my oldest son before... it was the LAST time. My husband WAS NOT THRILLED AT ALL. So, I firmly have to say to my begging son... No toe nail polish for YOU today. Because your daddy wants you to be a manly man!

Since that time he has eased up a LOT. He has now seen our sons dressed as little girls when they hang out with their girl cousins... I think I might be able to start painting their toe nails again!