Wednesday, January 14, 2009

12 Days of Christmas

I had such a long vacation over Christmas that I felt like it was 12 days! Maybe it was. And maybe I should make a note to self for next year to be sure I have presents to open for each day that I’m off. That’s not selfish.
I have to say that Dawson was so fun this year. He can unwrap gifts like nobodies business. (He’s studied under me since he was born.) He showed excitement for the present that was inside the wrapped paper, which added a dimension to the gift giving. Last year he played with the box. So that year we wrapped a bunch of boxes and he got nothing. Just kidding.
On Christmas Eve I had to work. I’m asking for an extra jewel on my very small crown in heaven for that.
We had Christmas with my family that evening at my sister’s house:
The famous "Jesse Tree" my mom does each year:
Playing Catch Phrase:

Planning for Christmas with my family this year was quite dysfunctional if I might say so myself. I drew the name of my niece who I didn’t think should have had her name in the drawing to begin with because she’s young, and then she didn’t even show up at our Christmas because she was mad and the person’s name who she drew had his gift stolen. All in a day’s work in my family people. I have plenty more where that came from. But I’m waiting to sell the movie rights to Lifetime. And if I might be able to insert another story in here which is completely unrelated to Christmas but a perfect depiction of the dysfunction that is my family…
We had our first “family meeting” this past Sunday to discuss some issues. My mom and all of my sisters were present but one. When the meeting was called to order the first official bit of business was to discuss my mom’s important documents and where she keeps them in the event of an emergency etc and this led to a discussion about death. My sister Karen felt the need to state that she absolutely refuses to be buried in a coffin, she wants to be cremated. (I’m mortified at this point) I begin to object to this a little and then immediately my sister Anita speaks up stating she is being cremated as well, and declares that clearly I have never dealt with claustrophobia or I would have the same deep-seated fears of being buried in a casket. Then I felt it was my civil duty to explain to them that you are cremated in a box. And then they changed the subject.
Christmas with my family though, is always very fun.
Christmas morning:
Jason and I are still working our way around traditions. At this point, I don’t think we have any. Do we? We get up, take showers, get ready, eat breakfast and then open presents. I would like to start a tradition that Dawson gets to open a pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve but I’m not sure why I want to do that. Perhaps I’m a Christmas copy cat.

We had enough Christmas wrap trash to fill the Adriatic Sea. Because the Adriatic Sea is large.
After our Christmas we head over to my dad’s house to celebrate.
This year, his gift to us was lottery tickets. I’ve never played the lottery, but I’ve discovered since that I’m a very greedy person indeed. Between Jason and I, we won $10 bucks. So we left Dawson at my dad’s and went to the local gas station to cash in our winnings. We bought beef jerky, pop, and some candy. My sister, on the other hand, cashed hers in (she didn’t win nearly as much as 10 whole dollars!) then bought more lottery tickets and won $100 out of the deal. I still feel shiested. But the beef jerky was good.
All in all, a great Christmas of 2008.
Coming soon:

What happens after Christmas.
Let the suspense sink in until you feel the need to call me to hear all the details. But then don’t call.


Holly said...

tooo funny about the coffin vs. the box!! :-) glad you had an entertaining Christmas!

Aunt Diana said...

I'm sooooo glad you're blogging again. The Christmas pics. & videos are great. It's so cute seeing how excited Dawson was over the gifts and hearing him jabber away while opening them. It's funny when he starts waving his hands around and bopping his feet together - now that's an excited little boy! Next year it'll more fun yet! Give that little guy a great big hug & kiss from his great-aunt didi!

michelle said...

We always give/get new PJ's on Christmas eve! I love jammies! My grandma started that when my mom was lttle and the tradition continues! (except Gil always refuses to wear his that night because they are new and therefore unwashed which is gross to this year my mom pre-washed her son-in-laws jama pants. Wasn't that nice!>! She also hemmed them...because at 5'1" everything is to long. She didn't want him to trip down the stairs on Christmas morning! Which is what I did a few days before Christmas! And I'm still going to physical therapy! I really threw my neck out of wack! I guess that's what happens when you hit your head on every step on the way down!)
And I won $50 on one lottery ticket! The only time we do them is at Christmas when my mom puts them in our stocking...individually wrapped I might add!

GEE- I really SHOULD start my own blog! I'm REALLY talkative!!
love ya!

♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

Dawson sure looked like he loved those airplanes!! He's too cute. have i told you that before? lol. oh...and another thought i had...i made a new scrap blog and totally forgot how to put it on...??? help?

Angela said...

Will you still be my friend if I said I want to be cremated, too?! :)