Friday, January 9, 2009


With gratitude for my adoring fans.
26 comments!? Is it real? Will somebody pinch me? I'm in comment heaven.
I'd like to take this time to thank:
  • My BFF Paris Hilton. Girl, you need to change your wardrobe though, you've been looking a little homeless and stuff.
  • My soon-to-be employer Donald Trump. I think you should try Rogaine! Peace out.
  • Sandi Patti for her inspiration to make my own recording of "Love in any Language"
  • Jim Halpert. Stick with Pam though buddy. It took you 5 stinking seasons to get engaged.
  • Finley with the New York Times, please sure that you have spell check installed before publishing my articles. Spell check and I are tight.
  • Last but not least, Bob & Larry and your friend the eggplant. Because I love your show:
(photo courtesy of Dawson's playdough supply. Joy made Bob & Larry, Jason made the eggplant)
And since I have to make this one quick, here are pictures of Dawson shoveling our driveway:
It took him like 5 hours to finally finish our driveway. sheesh.


Aunt Diana said...

Boy, what slave driving parents you guys are, making Dawson shovel the driveway with a sand bucket shovel - LOL! Tell him to keep that shovel handy, more snow is on the way!!!!!!!!!!!

Grammy G said...

Grammy is going to have to buy her little D a snow shovel!

♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said... the thanks. but now theres 2 moer comments. not like i left the other one. phft. love the vegie guys!!! i miss that show...haha. does dawson like shoveling the driveway?? i dnt.

Daisy Path said...

i'm so glad you're back. i missed you so much!!!! this means that you have to blog weekly now right? that i might be able to live with. i was worried you wouldn't ever blog anymore. you can't stop. your fans need you! love you!

spell check said... glad we are tight Joy :)

Sarah said...

I'm sooo into child labor. I need to have my boys shovel our driveway. I mean there are 3 that can hold a shovel...

Speaking of Barbie... You look like Barbie in your pic at the top of your blog~

I like this, you compliment me and make me look good on my blog, I will do the same for you. Sorry, you have the harder or the two jobs...