Friday, January 23, 2009

Dawson's Top 10

Dawson always asks to listen to music in the car. Lately he has several different songs that he prefers to others. He says “Mommy, I want this one” once I have scanned through several thousand songs to get to one he likes. Thousand is an exaggeration. We’ll try 18, that’s more accurate. In case you are looking to add new songs to your IPODs, here’s the list of Dawson’s favorite songs at the moment:

· A Little More than Useless, Reliant K (Demands this one when he hears the intro)
· Never Let Go, Matt Redman
· Made to Love You, Toby Mac
· No One Like You, David Crowder Band

Okay so that’s not 10. But the David Crowder Song is really long so that should count for, like, 6 and that gives us 10 because I’m good at math.

In other ramblings, I’d just like to know if any of you realize just how difficult it is to have a toddler when you are sick. I have been sick with a self-diagnosed sinus infection for the past several days now and feeling lousy. I have been falling asleep at around 8 p.m. and then wake up several times in the middle of the night because I can’t breathe from my left nose or my head feels swollen or any number of symptoms. Dawson, being the age he is, is old enough to be independent, hyper and ornery and young enough to be quite dependent on us for food, drinks, getting dressed etc.. I mean it’s not like I could let Dawson run amok in the living room alone with cartoons while I go sleep off a cold. (Though the thought did cross my mind.) Thankfully Jason helped me out a lot this week so that I could walk around miserably and be grumpy but not have to worry if Dawson was unrolling the entire roll of toilet paper in the bathroom because he was taking care of him for me. Although I would have trouble falling asleep at night because Dawson would be jumping on my head while Jason was in the bathroom brushing his teeth, but other than that, I really do appreciate all his help -Thanks honey!

I want to share video and pictures of Dawson’s first “real” sledding experience he had at my dad’s house. Jason got out the “gator” and took Dawson and his little friend TJ for a ride. Actually, he talked me into going for sled ride to, but I want tell you about that experience because it made my butt swell up. I just think children are so cute all bundled up!!
My dad offered to give Jason the gator because he likes it so much. My dad also once offered Jason a beer, which he took because he was scared my dad would be upset if he didn't take it.
Obviously I didn't allow Jason to accept the gator as a gift. Where would he drive it?
Well.. unless he got drunk on the beer from my dad and drove the gator in the neighbors back yard at 2:00 a.m. while I filmed it for Youtube. Because that's what our neighbors have done to us.


♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

Dawson had a good music choice....i mean, for a toodler?? Relient K and DAvid Crowder are pretty good....i love 'em!! And i just have one question...why does Dawson get to look good all bundeled up??? when i was little and went sledding my parents dressed me up all dorky...i mean, who even wears stupid bright snow suits anyways??? come on!!! ha

by Flick said...

ummm...can i just say that you do not have a left nose...that would mean that you have a left nose and a right nose...two noses on your face. ummmm...the last time i saw you, you did not have two, just one. i think you mean to say your left nostril....just a bit of clarification in case your adoring fans who have not met you in person now are thinking, "poor girl! she was born with two noses." they must think you photoshop all your pics to show only one nose. love you.

Anonymous said...

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