Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Which Theme song will it be?

You know you have a child that watches too much television when you cannot get cartoon theme songs out of your head. On any given day I will have the lyrics of one of the following cartoons circling through my brain and making their way into random documents as I'm typing them out.
  • Bob The Builder
  • Word World
  • Franny's Feet
  • Sid the Science Kid
  • Reading Rainbow
  • Make Way for Noddy
  • Postcards from Buster
And that's just weekdays people. We won't get into Saturday morning cartoons.
But I won't focus on that right now, because the theme songs are taking over...

I'm really loving this stage of Dawson's life. He cracks me up with some of the stuff he says!
He has a toddler bible that we read to him almost every night. One of the most recent stories was about baby Jesus getting gifts from the 3 wise men. And there is a picture of the wise men offering their gifts to baby Jesus who is laying in the manger. Well, each night we review some of the stories that we have read to him and when that story came up he was looking at the picture. He pointed to baby Jesus and said “He doesn’t want those gifts! He’s sleeping!!” Very matter of fact. We just laughed and laughed. He also points at the picture of Goliath and says “He’s NAUGHTY!”

Yesterday while driving home from work Dawson was looking straight out the front windshield and said "These cars are making me crazy."

The worst phrase yet for me though, took place the other night while on our way home from Fort Wayne. I could hear Dawson chattering about something, but Jason and I were talking so I was only half listening. Then Dawson started to speak up to get our attention. This was our conversation:

Dawson: Mommy, remember when he was pushing daddy's button?
Me: Who did that Dawson?
Dawson: It was locked!
Me: Oh the policeman! The policeman came and unlocked the door for us.
Dawson: Yeah Mommy. THAT'S NOT NICE!

I will admit to extreme feelings of guilt at that point. But I did laugh out loud.
And have I mentioned how cute he is in hats?

Editors note: Please pay no attention to the 50 year old microwave behind Dawson. Jason has had that microwave since he was a freshman in college but can't seem to part with it...


Grammy G said...

How funny, I loved hearing about the comments Dawson made! And best of all, he looks so cute in that hat!

Anonymous said...

the most recent was this..."Daddy, you crazy"....the I reply with "no, you're crazy!"...then Dawson belts out "you pick you nose Daddy!" He was seriously taking a jab at me. But it's true...I do pick my nose!