Friday, January 30, 2009

Sifting the Wheat

I’m going through a time right now where I’ve been doing a lot of wondering. What does the future hold? I mean this in a more personal kind of way, as it relates to me, and especially my family. Something kind’ve similar to the old adage: “what do I want to be when I grow up?”
I came across something in my Bible a while back that stuck with me. It’s not even an actual verse. It’s taken from the introduction that was written to the book of Isaiah.

“ It turns out nothing is unusable by God. He uses everything and everybody as material for His work, which is the remaking of the mess we have made of our lives.”

I love the last portion. About God remaking the mess of our lives. That reminds me that even if my future is God’s Plan B, it’s still HIS plan.
Besides, when I was little, my plan was to be a doctor/lawyer/singing/actress. And I’m wondering if God is working that into the plan…

On another note:

Here’s “Flashcards” with Dawson…


aunt diana said...

Dawson is doing a great job with his flash cards. It's cute how when it was the "stars" one, Jason asked him where the stars were, & Dawson pointed to the card and said "right there".

michelle said...

are you holding up flashcards of BEER!??!!!! Shame on you! :-)
(yes I realize he was saying "bear"...but it coulda been beer! Like my little cousin that used to say "duck" but it sounded like.... well, you know!)

Sarah said...

You may want to work modeling into the equation... you look like a model in your pic at the top of your blog.

Funny thing, we will probably not really KNOW what our purpose was here, until we are with HIM. Until then, TRY to be obedient to how He is directing your life!

Love You, JOY!

♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

I really like that verse...where in Isaiah is that?? Who knows...maybe God will get to that doctor/lawyer/singing/actress thing. ha. looks like dawson's a pro at those flash boy:)