Thursday, March 26, 2009

4 for $1

That's right. I got 4 Pepsi's for $1.00 yesterday at Wal-Mart. I did not step one foot in Wal-Mart the whole time I was on vacation and I went through withdrawal. Who can beat a 25cent can of Pepsi?
We just got back from spring break to Colorado. I'm so glad Dawson loves airplanes. Although airplane rides past his bedtime can go one of two ways, and we experienced both. On the way to Colorado, he fell asleep on the plane:
On the way home from Colorado he was fine until the last half hour or so. Then Jason nearly freaked out because I let Dawson unbuckle his seat belt and sit on my lap to look at the window. Jason thought surely all stewardesses were going to come running over to us and put us in handcuffs. I didn't see how it was any different than when Dawson flew as a lap baby. So I won. And Dawson was happy. That means I won twice.
Jenessa and Steve picked us up from the airport and we went to their house for supper. A very superb supper I might add. A supper made with Tequila! They also have a cat which I love and am highly allergic too, so Jenessa gave me Benadryl and within an hour I was overcome with the feeling that I needed to sleep. Of course, I forgot I had taken Benadryl so I thought something was wrong with me.
And Jason thought it was funny to take my picture sleeping on their couch drooling on Steve's camo blanket. I really did drool on the blanket, Steve. Sorry.
On the other hand, they have Sydney, the dog that Dawson LOVES.
That weekend some friends of Greg and Gloria's loaned us their cabin, free of charge, for a night. It's located in this little nook (I like that word "nook") called Deckers, Colorado.
You can see behind the cabin that there are trees with no greenery on them and that is because this is the area that caught on fire-Remember several years ago when that lady forest ranger got put in jail for starting a fire in Colorado, she was burning a love letter or something? This area was a part of that fire. You can see the black area on the sides of the cabin where the fire got near it, but the cabin was not engulfed. That's crazy! Jason and I went on a hike in the area and I took a picture of a tree that is completely charred:
Poor tree. I hugged it and it fell over.
Dawson also had his first fishing experience here:
If I were a fish, I'd never be tempted by that nasty smelling bait we used. That's all I'm sayin.
I call this "The Thinker"
I found this quaint little building built into the side of the rock on the way back from our hike. I was creeped out by the inside though, and was confident I was going to be eaten by a spider or venomous snake, though you can't tell it, by looking at my ravishing smile. The inside of the building was carved rock but I can't explain it because I don't have the gift of explanation.
Morning outside the cabin.
After morning outside the cabin.
I climbed all the way up the side of this mountain and didn't fall and die. That should go on record.
Gloria and I on dish duty. Do you see the Joy dish soap?
Greg is about to burn one whole pan of eggs on this glorious restored vintage stove.
We played an hour of "Apples to Apples" and Greg sang the words on his cards. I laughed my head off. Jason won the game but we all know Gloria deserved the win, because we would change our answers once we found out it was her card that we chose. That's what children do, ya know?
It was sunny and in the upper 70's while we were there. I think I got sunburned.
We took Dawson to Chuck E. Cheese for his first time. What does the E. of his name stand for?
This little girl just walked right up and wanted to hold Dawson's foot. Still can't figure that one out.
So I felt the need to reshoot Dawson's video without the foot experience.
You should also know that Dawson flat out refused to go on the clock ride so Jason decided it was his mission to get Dawson on it. All dad's should aspire to this mission. Learn from the best.
Ski ball is my absolute favorite game at Chuck E. Cheese. I realize that statement makes it sound like I spend my weekends there. I have thought about it.
Gloria beat Greg in a ski ball match.
While they were busy competing, I was walking around the building, stealing all the tickets that children left behind.
Is it sad that I was able to belt out the entire Bob the Builder theme song along with this ride?
Dawson was petrified of the Chuck E. Cheese animated statue. I think it was the middle initial that started the whole thing.
Time to go home:
Yes, we're a musical family.
Isn't it funny, how you can see the wheels turning, when children are thinking?:
He was trying to figure out how to get Sophie's cage open.
So we made him take time out in there:
Then we made him nap in there.
What is his affinity to being cooped up anyway? When we got home he did this:
I'm leaving you with one of my most favorite memories of all. The friend Dawson made on the shuttle at the airport. And I know he was his friend because Dawson pointed to him and said "Mommy, I need to sit by my friend":


Daisy Path said...

i think it stands for exasperating!!!! that being the e. in chuck e. cheese! ha! i do not enjoy that place. i've had two awful experiences there. kevin thinks it stands for "eats"...chuck "eats" cheese. then he cuts the cheese! ha!

glad you had a good trip. missed your blogs and really missing your emails even more! :)

♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

all of this makes me excited to go out to Colorado!! i dont know if you've heard, but we're going out west this yr!!! yippie!! Dawson is too adoradle! i love that titled "thinking" picture!! I think Chuckie Cheese always used to kinda freak me out too...just look at him!! ha

Gloria said...

Thanks guys for coming to Colorado for your Easter Break. We had so much fun on your visit.