Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Jason!

Today this little man turned 32.
Someone please remind him of that on a regular basis because he continually asks me how old he is.
Actually, every year on his sister's birthday I have to remind him how old she is too.
And I'm terrible with math.
How his obsession with sharks began.
How his obsession with poop began.
I bought him the adult sized version of this outfit for his birthday.
just kidding hon.
I'm afraid he'll have to explain this one.
I have no clue.


Jenessa said...

happy birthday, brother! you always were the cool one :)

ashley said...

happy birthday - luck you it's on a FRIDAY! hope it's a good one! :)

nitapoo2 said...

I cant believe how much Jason looks like Dawson in the pictures when he was little!! Expecially in the poop 1.:0)...Make sure you take a picture of Dawson on the pot now so we can compare!!
Happy Friday the 13th Birthday Jason!!

Jenessa said...

I CAN'T believe mom still has that pink velor recliner in thier 2009 living room!

MOM said...

What's wrong with my rose colored recliner!

Jasons Mom said...

Jason is so much like his Dad, because Greg can't remember any of his siblings birthday - however he CAN remember how old he is. That's only because I try to say he is older that he really is, and he says NO!