Friday, March 6, 2009

Are those Bugle Boy Jeans You're Wearing?

This morning I discovered much to my dismay that I put on my brown shoes with my black pants/socks! I am in complete disarray! My day is ruined. But these shoes are comfortable so I have been hiding my feet. If What Not To Wear comes waltzing into my office I will just tell them that they are missing out on a new trend. Besides that, who wears a gray stripe in your hair at the front of your head like a skunk?
.Moving on.
You know what I've always liked? Well, I took 3 years of Spanish in high school and 2 years of Spanish in college (to fulfill a requirement for my music degree, isn't that a crazy requirement?) and I've always liked how in the written Spanish language, questions begin with a question mark and end with a question mark.
ie: ?Que Pasa?
Except, how do I get the upside down question mark? Because that's my absolute favorite!
.Moving on again.
For whatever reason, Dawson likes to be hemmed in. Well, except when he gets to Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart has some strange, unnatural reaction on Dawson's psychosis because each time we go in there, Dawson becomes hyper and runs around and laughs and yells "Mommy" at the top of his lungs and then when Jason and I claim to onlookers that we don't know that unruly kid he decides to run right over and his stake his claim as our son. Speaking of all this, here is a prime example of said Wal-Mart behavior:

He's doing this new thing where he tests us. Yeah, I know. Only Dawson, right? Well, when it's time to get him under control and leave any destination, he finds this to be perfect timing to rebel against our demands. Our reaction to this rebellion is to say "Bye Dawson" and then pretend like we are leaving without him. (This is brilliant parenting 101, take notes). So what does Dawson do? He stands still watching us! He doesn't chase us down or cry. And all the while he keeps a little smirk on his face like, "I'm hip to your jive". So then one of us (the weaker one) has to walk over, physically pick him up and then give him a sucker so he will stop crying. We won't say who the weaker parent is. He did t his just the other night at Wal-Mart. He also does this to me when I come to pick him up at daycare after work. But I got sneaky because I figured out I could hide behind the door and keep it cracked open a little but he can't see me. So this works like a charm every time. He comes running, pushes the door wide open and AHA!
I win.
There's nothing like the sweet victory of beating your toddler at his own game.
This is the toddler I'm up against.
In conclusion,
Can someone tell me what is with toddler's and their need to line things up?
This is not OCD is it? Because you know it runs in the family.


by Flick said... crack me up! and that is not a picture of your son because that is a picture of a boy not a toddler and your son is a toddler not a boy, so that can not be your son! just so you know. i know i haven't emailed you in forever and you probably hate me, i'm sorry. i have I AM 8 MONTHS PREGNANT AND EXHAUSTED ALL THE TIME. ha! does that work? i love you and miss you!

Anonymous said... cute, and how OCD like!!lol Does it rly run in the family....I KNEW IT!!!lol :)

aunt diana said...

Sad but true, it does run in the family. I have pictures of Kelsey & Briana when they were probably about Dawson's age where they use to line things up too. Maybe I'll get the girls to post those pics. on their blogs.