Wednesday, March 4, 2009


In light of spring, and the fondness of the new assortment of road kill...
Perhaps I’ve never mentioned my senior year of college and the little family my roommates and I unwittingly welcomed to our humble abode.

There were 6 of us girls living on campus in a brand new trailer (yeah, we were awesome!) that was put near the fence line toward the back of the campus. Since the trailer was brand new, seniors got first dibs. Little did we know what was to become of our future living there…

One day while going about our college business, one by one, each of us came back to our dorm, only to be overwhelmed by the distinct odor of skunk eeking it’s way throughout the whole trailer. Being all girls, of course we remained calm and enjoyed the precious scent, soaking it in, like perfume. Actually, after the panic and the gag reflex we ran around like chickens trying to figure out who to call and what to do. I think one of us had the brilliant idea to get our campus security guy to come and look under the trailer and see if the culprit had made a nice living under there. Sure enough, after some time he found that a little skunk family had taken up residence under our residence. Now if you’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering a skunk and having it spray everything within your surrounding area, you will be able to confirm that you might as well burn everything you own because what removes that smell??

In the following days after they removed the family from under the trailer we did loads upon loads of laundry, burned thousands of candles and sprayed the inside of the trailer with numerous concoctions of anything smelling anti-skunk.

I can vividly recall my very first class I attended after the big hoopla. Word had not yet gotten around about our trailer and its demise. Class was about to begin (Probability and Statistics to be exact) and one student spoke up in the front of the room. “Do any of you smell skunk?”
I was mortified!! Without thinking I blurted out “It’s me!!!” and soon enough the word was out.
But that’s not all. Several weeks passed and my roomie Jennie and I decided to make cupcakes. We got them made and frosted, but something was just not right about them. ..Did you know that skunk smell will invade Crisco when given the opportunity?


ashley said...

again more with the baking! now i really am going to need to whip something up! and then i'll need to drop it off at CO so YOU can eat it :)

Anonymous said... horrible!! i hope i dnnt have any bad college stories like that one day...but living in a tralier house, hmmm...that's not a bad idea, better than a dorm i think!! ;) Oh, did you guys ever finish eating those they tasted delicious!!lol :0

Sarah said...

My hubby actually LIKES the smell of skunk... Good thing he didn't know YOU back then, or He may have takin' a likin' to you... He would have really loved the skunk cupcakes too... ;)