Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bake Off

Somewhere in the dark recesses of his brain, Jason got a hankering to bake bread on Sunday.
He claims he has no idea what got into him, but he went to the kitchen and got started. After about a half an hour's worth of time I hear him screaming and ranting and raving something about flour and the recipe isn't right and on and on, so I go in the kitchen to have a look:
He asked me to check the recipe to see how much flour he should have used.
He just so happened to look past the portion that said "carefully add the remaining flour" that was located toward the bottom of the very first paragraph.
I laughed quite hardThen I thought, hmmm. I can bake bread better than you!
And so it was on.
Jason decided to add more flour to his mass of sticky goo and called it good. This is what he came up with:
A frowning loaf of bread.
But then he decided to go all creative, so while I was in the process of using a different recipe to bake my bread, he made this:
A crooked dough braid. Not bad though, for a novice.
Once my bread was finished, risen, and baked take a look at what a fine specimen I made:

That's right. A happy loaf.
And then I got jealous and decided I should be creative.
So I took some dough and put it in one of my pampered chef scalloped tins...
Yeah. Looks like a boo-nasty bread bullet among other things.
Jason thought his bread braid was the best thing since MarioKart, so he braided my remaining dough. Which, I might say turned out better with MY dough than with his..
If you really want to know the truth of the matter...
Jason's bread tasted better.But my bread was more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
Which, consequently is all that matters to be featured in a magazine.


Anonymous said...

YES!!! I WIN!!! "Boo-nasty bread bullet"...that made me laugh out loud!!!

ashley said...

totally impressed with your bread making and bread braiding! i must admit - i've never made homemade bread!

Gloria said...

You guys are crazy! Gosh, all the bread looks good. Sure can't do that in Colorado's high altitude.

Aunt Diana said...

Wow - all the bread does look really really good, but I must admit I love how pretty the bread braid is - I'm jealous! You guys are gonna put Rito's out of business!!! Now I've got the itch to try some fancy bread baking stuff along with my itch to make a cute Wilton decorated cake. Hey - I don't suppose you wanna bring some of that bread on up to Cleveland for a visit do you? We'll supply the salt butter from the West Side Market & some tasty coffee:)

Anonymous said...

awwww!!! i am sooo jealous!! me and kelsey and our frineds have been wanting to have a bake off for MONTHS!!! seriosly..and it hasn't happened yet, but it will!! Actually, we wanted to bake sweets, yumm!! But hey, good job on the bread!! YOu both are quite the little bread bakers!! :) How much dough did that all take!?!lol You have inspired me, i wanna go make some bread and post pictures now.....haha. :)

♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

Wow...those look really good now:) I'm jellous too...and now i wanna make bread for our bake off. It should be who can be the most creative with bread! lol. And I must say that your bullet bread...well...it's interesting. I think it's pretty creative though...I mean, not very many people would think of that one! You've won in my heart, Joy!! haha