Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Tisket, A Tasket

As I was pondering my current jean size the other day, I made an amazing discovery.
God Loves Me.
Let me tell you my story…
It all began after my sister offered to give me a few pairs of her jeans. Actually, we trade jeans like children trade baseball cards. And we have the same agreement: “No getting rid of these jeans! If I lose a few pounds I want them back!” She still has a pair of jeans that were my favorite pair from my freshman year of college. I think I’ll have them bronzed. They’ll look way cool on me then, when I can fit back into them. Anyway, I brought the jeans home and I couldn’t get over what size they were. I mean, the size of my butt rivals a compact car but seriously? Am I that big? The size of the pair I had on was really bothering me. I wanted to see where they were made. You know, if they were made in Madagascar, maybe they have a skewed sense of our numbering system for clothes. So I checked the tag.
And that is when I made the discovery.
A Christian made these jeans.

This is the front of the tag. You didn’t think I was going to actually let you SEE my jean size, did you?!
And… the back of the tag…

Ahhh. That’s all needed to stop the downward spiral of depression over my jeans size for the next several hours that I had the jeans on.
Nita, I bet you want those jeans back now, don’t you?
Then I began pondering how a Christians should be washed separately in cold water without bleach and tumbled dry on low or we'll bleed.
I liken that to baptism.


Gloria said...

How cool is that!

♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

That is so neat!!! You know the bottom of Forever 21 shopping bags (if you've heard of that store) have "John 3:16" on the bottom??

Nita said...

Well....Do you think that if i were to get baptized again that about 50 pounds of fat would come off when i arose so i could fit back into those jeans??
Just a thought...