Monday, April 6, 2009

The Milestone

Jason and I took Dawson to see his very first movie in a movie theater yesterday.
We saw Monsters vs Aliens.
I didn't like it.
So the whole way home I spend analyzing how the movie was going to effect Dawson's psyche because he will forever have to announce that the very first movie he ever saw was Monsters vs Aliens and when he goes to rent that movie with his girlfriend (who will inevitably make him rent it) they will both die of grief.
But then..
Jason reminded me that technically, the very first movie Dawson ever saw in a movie theater was Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Because I was so determined to see that movie that we actually brought Dawson into the theater in his car seat when he was 5 months old. We also thought we had his pacifier but Jason realized it wasn't packed so I had to take the bottle nipple out of Dawson's empty bottle and hold my pinky in the end of it while Dawson sucked on it so that I could watch the end of the movie from the side of the building in the aisle where people walk in. That's how desperate I was.
Which leads me to pose a question:
Why don't I have a permanent babysitter?
Moving on.
I have several friends now, who have taken on the art of photography in their lives. They have gotten quite good at it, so I decided I should give it a try.
Whaddya think?
Hey, so far we've all 3 been in the picture!
Then I gave up:
Aren't they cute? This picture was random. I didn't even plan it!
Speaking of pictures,
This picture was taken by someone at church. This was my pre-diva days, before I got my hair highlighted, and we didn't know they were going to be projecting the picture on the big screen for all the church to see:
Jason has recieved many inquiries about his amazing eyebrow shift.
In honor of my randomness, I'm leaving you with a video of Dawson after he cut his toe on the shower drain.(This actually took place several months ago.) It was a minor cut, and we actually got a drain cover because we didn't realize it was even sharp enough to cut yourself on. Regardless, Dawson got quite a bit of attention.
Ahh. my little gimp


ashley said...

hello! hello! hello! remember you always have a babysit here! we should really get together sometime. it's been like what? 5 years since our last get together? really unacceptable! :)

michelle said...

jason has his eyebrow up in about 50% or more of his pics, doesn't he!? What's up with that! lol!

Holly said...

always love your posts, the more random, the better! :-) so you don't recommend Monsters vs Aliens? Hubby wants to take Katie (who's almost 5) to see it.. but not sure if it's a good idea?

The Robbs said...

in response to your question Plinky is a website made by the people who created blogspot. It posts a question each day and gives you something to blog about if you get stuck thinknig of a new idea.

Anonymous said...

you should have titled this blog "Millstone"...because I'd rather have one tied around my neck than watch that movie again!