Saturday, October 31, 2009

Don't Bet On It.

Last weekend was sunny, here in Colorado Springs. So we decided to take off on a road trip. I just accidentally wrote the word "tirp" for trip and I thought it was funny. Maybe that will be the name of our next kid, "Tirp Wilkins" only it sounds like a bully. And it's too close to the word twerp.
Now, I love ghost towns, so I wanted to visit this little town called Victor. However, in order to get to Victor, you have to go through this town called Cripple Creek.
Everyone in this town is crippled. Not really. And that was an awful joke. For real though, Cripple Creek is a famous gambling town. Actually, if you are reading this right now and you are a recovering gambling addict, don't go to Cripple Creek. Although you'll be pleasantly surprised at your winnings. So, we decided to stop in Cripple Creek because we were starving and I had to pee like nobodies business. We had Dawson with us, so we were trying to find the first family friendly place to enter and get food and pee without getting Dawson arrested for underage gambling. We stopped in this little restaurant called "Parrot Dice Grill" and there were teenagers working the grill. That's the first red flag for me. No offense teenagers who cook. But these were all guys. Next, I couldn't see a bathroom because directly attached to this restaurant was a casino. A gentleman who was seated must have noticed my discomfort (I think I was standing with my legs crossed, bouncing up and down) and came over to me to ask me if he could help me find anything. So I told him I needed a restroom. Pronto. He pointed to the restrooms which I would to get to by walking through the casino. Then he asked me if I was 21. I said "I'm 32, thank you very much!" Only, I didn't have my driver's license on me, because I didn't bring my purse. I was willing to be arrested for the sake of my bladder. I ran to the bathroom which was guarded by a security guard. Took care of business and walked out and we left. I'm gonna bet you were all hoping that I was going to gamble and tell this great story about how I dropped a quarter in the slot machine and won hundreds, and then got arrested by the security guard because I didn't have my license. And now, I'm really wishing I could tell that story. I did gamble on our cruise way back in 2004 and won $50.00 even though I started out with $11.00 in quarters. And then I lost it all because I thought the slot machines were so cute. And that is the true story of our stop in Cripple Creek.
The drive to Victor is pretty scenic:
On the way I found my first ghost town representative:
Jason and I both noticed a house we love:
This shot is mainly to give you a glimpse of the awesome scenery we'd have. Now I'll zoom in so that you can get a good look at the house:
I'm fairly certain it's a repo so we should get a good deal on it. I have so much vision to make this a home.
2 skips and hop... and we're in Victor.
I will say Jason wouldn't let me out of the car in Victor to take pictures because he feels this town is ghetto so I had to do drive by shooting. Get it?!
I love this old truck. It reminds me of Tuh-Mater without the "tuh".
And look at this quaint old church:

Not very ghost-townish, but very haunting. If I were a gambling addict, I'd go to church there.
And that ends our non-gambling, ghost town road trip we took last weekend.
Now I'll leave you with a few pictures I took just this morning of Dawson:
He received these green teeth at his daycare yesterday. He tells me "Mommy, they're not scary, they're just real!
And check out this bling:
A spider ring. I told him it'd save him a ton of money to hold on to that and use it for an engagement ring someday


aunt diana said...

Looks like this was another neat trip. You guys will have to take us there the next time we're in Colorado. Briana would LOVE to go to a town named Victor (that's butter boy's name), lol! And if Dawson wants one, we can make him a real spider ring cause we have sooo many creepy, crawly spiders in our house - ewe!

♫♪Briana♪♫ said...

Ummm...excuse me mother?! I would not LOVE to go to the town named Victor....actually...i would only love it if i took a friend with me!! ;) hehe. but most ppl who read this do not have a clue wha i'm talking about, so i'll just stop while i'm ahead! :)! i love that bathroom stop story! Joy, you are sooo good at expressing all the funny things in life that goes on. When i try it just sounds so stupid!! A little help please?! And while we're on the subject of guys need to come up here!! West Side Market!!woooo!!lol i could totally go for a lady lock now!! :) :) :)