Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Daycare and stuff.

Dawson started his first day of daycare today, since living in Colorado Springs. Up until now, he has been a member of Daddy daycare.
I made Jason drop him off this morning on his way in to work, because even though Dawson is now 3, I still couldn't handle the idea of him getting teary eyed or crying and wanting to go home.
On the contrary, what does my little man do? According to Jason, Dawson walked right into his new environment and made some friends!
Of course, we're talking about a kid who walks up to every kid at the park playground and says "hey, will you be my friend?" I'm not sure where he gets that from. I'm certainly more selective with my friends... (I would never publicly ask on Facebook for anyone to be my friend just so I could reach the 200 friend mark, I mean seriously people!)
When I came to pick Dawson up on my way home from work this afternoon, he was playing outside and seemed as happy as can be.
And now for the "stuff" part.
This has nothing to do with anything, which makes it blog worthy.
My sister watched Dawson for us on a Saturday afternoon before we moved so that we could be efficient packers. Any of you who have ever tried packing up a house with children in it know what I mean. One of the activities they did at her house was make sugar cookies.

My little man got selected to smash the cookies down. Here he is showing off this acquired skill:
The next order of business was to go ride the 4wheeler (which Dawson will not be allowed to see this picture for another 10 or more years, because if he sees it, he will beg for one for Christmas. And right now, the only thing he's getting is a Larry Boy car courtesy of our friend Jess. (Thank you Jess, remind me of what Clayton likes to eat!)
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And as you can plainly see by the picture, the reason we do not want him getting one of these for Christmas is because Jason will want to ride it and Dawson will cry to me that he doesn't ever get a turn.
The end.


Shadow said...

hey! i love you guys and miss you! give love to Dawson for me. Soryy its not an e-mail, but im at school! shhhhhh!:)

ashley said...

hope things are going well! miss you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I certainly am Happy now that I'm sure everyone in this photo got to simultaneously stuff fresh cookies into their mouths. Could it have been taken any more perfectly than to show this skill level in our family tree?? We're SOOOO Good!!

Aunt B-