Friday, October 9, 2009

Larry Boy

So Dawson wants to be Larry Boy.
He said "Mommy, can I have a Larry Boy car for Christmas?"
And I said yes.
Because, if I say no... all kinds of tantrums will ensue. I would rather say yes and have him never get one, then say no and invite the deep dark recesses of death into my house. That's what good parents do. Actually, Jason stopped at a Christian bookstore yesterday to try and find him one. He came home with this instead:

Speaking of hats...
For whatever reason,
Dawson came into our bedroom the other night with a hat on. No explanation, he just found one in his drawer and put it on, then came to show me. He never wears hats. So I was determined to take his picture. He looks so cute in hats. When he wears them.

He didn't want his picture taken so I encouraged Jason to "help him out".
Once Dawson saw what attention he was getting he was ready to pose:
hat to the right
hat backward
hat to the left with finger in the ear and bunny ears from daddy
hat while picking his nose

Different hat.

Different hat.
Isn't that great?
One last thing:
Conversation between Dawson and I while we played cars:
Dawson's car says to my car: Hey buddy, what's your name?
My car says: My name's 43 (That was the number on the hood and I'm clever like that)
Dawson's car says: No it's not!! Your name's Fivey-six!


michelle said...

thanks for updating! see ya around! :-)
(dawson is getting cuter and cuter...lets arrange his and milla's wedding! we need at LEAST 50 camels before we can accept. well, make it goats. Filipinos eat goat...)

Jess said...

So, we totally have a Larry Boy car floating around Clayton's room. Send me your address and when I can dig it up, I'll send it to you. It's one of the thousands (ugh) of toys Clayton has that don't get played with. You'll be a hero for Christmas.

Clayton is sitting here with me (no, i have not told him about the car, he would freak out even though he never plays with it), he loves Dawson's Hulk Tshirt! :) Happy Saturday...

♫♪Briana♪♫ said...

aww!! Dawson does look pretty good in hats!! I wish i could say the same!!lol But hey....i know this perfect place up here where he can wear his hat and get many many complements.....this place is in Cleveland and contains an enourmous amount of food!! ANy guesses!?! YUP!! West side market is right!! good job! Now you win a trip up here to come and visit it!!yeayyyy!!(well, you dnnt actually win it, you guys still have to pay for the gas and all!!)lol :)