Friday, October 2, 2009


Jason, Dawson and I were running some errands last week when we came across a parking area with public access to a trail. Blodgett Peak Open Space, to be exact. We made a mental note to come back to the trail for a nice hike. This is exactly what we did a few days ago. We pull in, park and get ready for the long hike uphill. The first thing I notice at the onset of the trail is a sign, so I walk over to it and read it:
And immediately I anncounce that the hike is over before it begins. I am NOT hiking a trail with mountain lions! Haven't you ever watched the Tru TV episode where they are reenacting the people who get sent to the ER?! The last episode I watched had a woman admitted to the ER for having her face mauled off by a mountain lion! I told Jason to buy a handgun.
Suddenly I remembered another trail which was only about 2 miles down the road from this one. I told Jason we needed to move on, forget the mountain lions until he is fully equipped to protect me. This would include a handgun, crossbow, machete and 2 grenades.
Off we went to the next trail.
Upon arrival to Ute Valley Park, I notice 2 signs this time. I assumed they were signs telling you to pick up poop after your pet! But oh no. These signs read as follows:
Seriously? I have to choose between Mountain Lions and Rattlesnakes?!
I chose rattlesnakes.
The reason being that a snake can't maul me. If a snake strikes there's a good chance I won't be permanently disfigured. I could possibly die, but I can have an open casket, you know?
Actually, I don't want an open casket, in case you're reading Jason. Got it?
I will admit that we started this trail:
And 5 steps in I begged to turn around. I was positive I heard rattlesnakes. Jason said it was crickets. I hesitated but he went on without me which left me feeling defensless so I ran to catch up and by then there was no. turning. back. In reality, the trail turned out to be awesome. A beautiful view of the mountains, and one of the trails (there are several to choose from) leads to to top of a cliff where you can sit on a bench and watch the sunset. I told Jason he had to be fully equipped to defend me should he want me to go on this trail at sunset. But the thought was nice.
The amazing thing is the amount of deer that come out in this area when dusk hits. Deer graze right along the side of the road. And I don't mean just a few, there are hundreds! Well, many. That word keeps it vague enough for me not to have to count.
These guys were right along the side of the road and didn't care that I took their picture. It's like they're movie stars and they're used to it. In any case, it appears that rattlesnakes and mountain lions are not on their radar.
So.. if you had to choose, which would it be? Mountain Lions or Rattlesnakes?...


Jess said...

Snakes for sure - you can hear them coming and they don't involve the tearing of flesh.

Nita said...

What awesome trails!!. I want to go.....

J said...

I didn't know you went to Ute Valley Park! Sydney, Steve and I used to hike there all the time when I lived in Rockrimmon. It was just minutes away from my apartment there. If you hike far enough back you see the canyons, and they are so pretty. I did hear of a priest who got bit by a rattlesnake there and died, 2 years go, but I never saw any snake action. Maybe it was just his time to go. :)