Saturday, September 26, 2009

St. Elmo's Fire

Colorado never sounded sweeter to a little boy named Dawson. Let me tell ya, he made out like a bandit. You should have seen his face when he saw his room for the very first time when we arrived at Gramma G & Grandpa's house. His very own McQueen bed. A picnic table AND his own TV with a DVD player. This included about 5 new Veggie Tale movies that Gramma G purchased brand new just for him. Jason and I considered kicking Dawson out of his room and taking over, until we decided to put our 42" Plasma flat screen tv on the dresser in our room. Then we felt better about Dawson's posh set-up. Needless to say, he never seems to grow bored here. Though he has created a nasty habit of asking for a new toy every time we got to Wal-Mart. I could have started that, but I won't admit to it. I just want him to be quiet while I shop! Is that so much to ask?
Our first weekend in Colorado Springs we decided to take a one day trip to see the Aspen Trees, because this is the time of year that they change color.
The trip took us to a ghost town by the name of (insert scary music) ST. ELMO.
Of course this led to numerous question asked by Dawson about when he would get to see Elmo which led me to cover my ears and ignore because he wasn't accepting my explanation of the name of the town, which led to him yelling.
On the way, however, we met an interesting sight:
Yes those are wild donkeys meandering along the road.
We pulled over because Greg said they were tame and Dawson and I wanted to be friends with them. Jason on the other hand, was afraid of them and jumped in the back of the truck to pet them:
This little diva here, was quite needy:
I call this picture "The Big Eye"
The highlight of St. Elmo, although it's considered a ghost town, is feeding the chipmunks. I took two good pictures of the Aspen trees:
Then I was on a mission to take Dawson to feed the chipmunks.
I was determined to feed the chipmunks Dawson's leftover goldfish crackers. Some lady sitting on the log behind us got annoyed by that and handed us her bag of sunflower seeds and said she was done feeding them anyway and then left. I am still positive to this day that goldfish crackers are a rare chipmunk delicacy and they would have loved to sink their little teeth into the morsels of goodness.
This final chipmunk picture is one that Jason took because he thinks he's clever:
For the record, I did NOT sit on this chipmunk! I didn't even know one had snuck up behind me. I like to believe it was hiding in the shadow of my wings..
Ending with a few cute shots of Dawson playing by a creek that Jason took him too after the feeding of the 5,000.


aunt diana said...

Love the donkeys & chipmunks - adorable! Looks like you'lre all enjoying living in Colorado - looks like so much fun. What a beautiful place to be:)

Flick Family said...

DON'T YOU KNOW CHIPMUNKS HAVE RABIES!!!!!! OH MY WORD! (kidding btw! well...maybe....i don't know if they do or do not...some might.) hey, where is the post about the job situation? i was only a quarter way through reading and had a baby cry or something...when i came back to read it, it was GONE! the great blog spirit stole it away! i was bummed.

Jessica said...

I have to agree...I had always heard NEVER to pet chipmunks. These must be special, disease-free chipmunks. ;) Looks like Dawson has quite the setup at Grandma and Grandpa's. I think every boy between 2 and 10 is in love with Lightning McQueen.

Anonymous said...

Where have I been what planet do I live on? WHO OR WHAT is Lightning McQueen? Loved the pictures of the chipmunks, very unusual, glad you are all happy in your new digs!

Cousin Deb.

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Relax. Chipmunks don't have rabies. THEY HAVE BUBONIC PLAGUE! So do Prairie Dogs. Check it out I'm not kidding! Welcome to the wild, wild west.