Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Big Move

Labor Day weekend was a perfect time for a move. Because... you can sucker your family into helping! No excuses.
Friday was the last day for Dawson at daycare. So we sent snacks with him for a great sugar rush. This way all his favorite classmates would remember him.
Say Cheese!
I was really pretty bummed about this because Dawson had made several "best friends" as he called them in his class. Lucas, Xander, Graceson (who was the only one who had been in his class since they were both 3 months old) Glenn, Hailey. No girlfriends though, I didn't allow those kinds of shenanigans.
Dawson had no problem telling perfect strangers that we were "moving to Codorado". (he's still working on his "L's".
Sunda morning it was time to pick up the U-Haul. Jason's dad offered to fly in and help us drive the U-Haul to CO which helped tremendously. (Secretly I wanted to drive it, so that I could show off like that one girl on the truck driving show on cable.)
Look how tiny my cute-butt car is next to that monster. Actually, in this picture it looks like we could fit our whole house in the back of that U-Haul. Why didn't we think to bring our landscaping plants?
Around noon, my family started showing up so that I could crack the whip.
My dad got this notion that since he's in his 70's he could take frequent breaks and I had to set him straight.
Don't let my sisters fool you with their talk about menopuase. They're spry little whippersnappers.
When the work was finished we all went to celebrate by taking in a movie. The girls made the guys go see a chick flick. But we got to ride in style.
We stuck the guys in a minivan.
With a little therapy and a few counseling sessions they'll get over it.
Mom offered to watch all the grandkids so that we could stay focused, so after the movie we headed to her house to claim our own. Then it was time to say good-byes.
The next morning it was time to hit the road. I don't have pictures of them, bu the Lurkers came to say good-bye and Mr. Lurker helped get the Jeep securely fastened to the trailer so that it wouldn't roll off on the interstate and cause trauma to any unsuspecting travelers. Mrs. Lurker made sure Dawson kept on track with his supervision of the entire ordeal.
Look how green and fashionable our lawn is.
Time to hit the road Jack.
Dawson is such a great little traveler. Especially when he has a portable DVD player.
When he napped, I snagged it so that I could watch National Treasure and then Jason got bored because he was driving and I wasn't talking. And then he got over it.
Nice huh?
I personally believe that there should be a special lane on the highway, set aside specifically for Uhauls. This would make the world a much happier place. And road rage would be down by at least 62%.
We arrived in Colorado Springs on Tuesday and set up shop with Jason's parents who were gracious enough to open up their home to us until we found jobs.
More on that subject in the next installment.

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