Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back To My Regularly Scheduled Program

The weekend before we left for Colorado we decided to have a garage sale. This was to serve a two-fold purpose.
#1. Have less stuff to move
#2. Get rid of my crappy furniture
Among the random list of items to be sold was a strapless girdle which was handed down to me by a sister. In case you are wondering, it was actually JASON who put it in the garage sale. I was going to leave it for the girl who bought our house... as a housewarming gift.
There were times during the course of the day when business was slow. And when business is slow... Jason gets bored. When Jason gets bored, Dawson suffers:
Jason took two balloons from the pack we had bought to put on our signs from the garage sale, blew them up only slightly, and shoved them down Dawson's shirt.
I'm not sure where he picked up on the hands on the hips move, cuz he surely didn't get it from me! Once Dawson realizes he's getting laughs (which Jason and I were crying, from laughing so hard-but then again business was slow) he tends to ham it up. Not sure where he gets that from either.
If we had stuck him in the front yard with the rest of the goods, we could've come out with a couple hundred for entertainment value.
That is why I no longer think we need to do job searching in Colorado. We'll let Dawson bring home the bacon.


Flick Family said...

too funny! poor dawson, he has no chance! haha! i love ya. tonight i was doing puzzles with cora. she has one that is the USA map. while we were doing it, i showed her where colorado is and told her that dawson lives there now. it made me sad, but excited for you guys too!

Holly said...

too funny!! laughter is the best medicine all around! sounds like you guys will have a great life in Colorado!!!