Saturday, March 20, 2010

King Kong and a Birthday.

So I never blogged about Dawson's birthday. Just that we were taking him to the place with the scary mouse named Chuck-E (also the name of a movie which would horrify children by the way).
We had quite the adventure at that germ infested place though.
Check out Dawson's skeeball skills:
I love how excited he gets about this game. After a while, Jason took Dawson to play games while I ran around the place looking for tickets that kids had left behind. Dawson got one extra tootsieroll because I did that.
There is one new game there (I say "new" like I'm a Chuck-E Cheese connoisseur) that is called King Kong something. I actually don't remember the title of the game. But the all you do is hold the handles while the whole machine vibrates. And when the game is over, your hands itch. Jason thought it would be lovely to video tape me doing this:
Of course we took Dawson to Germ E. Cheese on his actual birthday, which was a week night. So we decided to celebrate his birthday and open presents that weekend with family. He fell asleep waiting for everyone to come over and celebrate. Who has ever heard of that? I can't sleep for DAYS before my birthday. That's how excited I am.
I realize the picture is fuzzy. Our camera is broken. We have a set up a "Replace the Broken Camera" fund to which anyone can donate.
Birthday time!

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