Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Boy and His Bike.

Dawson recently got his first bike. I know my mom was struggling with the idea of this. She thought he should ride his plastic hotwheels 3-wheeler until he got his license. I can sympathize since that is what she had me do. If i can just say.. I think little kids look so stinking cute in those helmets. He also has elbow pads and knee pads but we didn't want to go overboard on the good parent thing and ruin our reputation. Overall he had a good first attempt. Just a few variations on a theme of frustration. Such as when he couldn't remember how to get the bike to stop and Jason or I had to run in a panic to stop him. And at first the seat was too short for him and his foot kept sliding off the pedal. Then there was the problem of driving straight and not into oncoming joggers. He's actually only wrecked and fallen off the bike once. That's because I tripped over him.


Flick said...

awesome! cora just got a bigger bike is a hand-me-down bike but she doesn't know any better. haha! i'm so glad to see new posts!!!! yeah!!!!!

aunt didi said...

Yeah - way to go Dawson!!! Cool bike:-))