Friday, June 4, 2010


So I promised a few people that I would update. So here I am. Although I have no motivation from creativity, only moral obligation. Forgive me if this post lacks excitement or adventure. Maybe I'll throw in a few typos to keep the readers intrigue and suspense alive?Due to my OCD tendency to post in chronological order, the following pictures were taken on Easter Sunday of my little man looking all grown up.
We talked him into holding his cutest baby cousin Mia. The kiss was staged of course.
After our church service we came home and ate and then Dawson got to hunt Easter eggs.
Has anyone out there ever heard of Resurrection Eggs? Just curious.
We tried getting a decent family picture. Didn't really happen did it? I blame the overall nuance of genre specific problematic sanctions. Because I needed some way of making this post interesting. That's the best I could do.


Flick said...

he looks so handsome in his little Easter outfit. i have heard of resurrection eggs. we used them at preschool. i really liked them. i wanted to get a set to do with peanut this year but i failed! love you.

Nita said...

Wheres Jasons other leg?? Looks like he has a stump....