Monday, June 7, 2010

Fence Friends.

Greg and Gloria's backyard neighbors had their grandkids over last week. One was a little boy who is just one year older than Dawson. Dawson went out to the backyard to play and when I looked through the kitchen window I could see him talking to himself. Now I'm a huge proponent of imaganery friends. But Dawson didn't stop talking, so I was a bit concerned. I went out to hear what Dawson had to say. And then, his imaganery friend talked back. And I heard it! This is when I figured out it was no small coincidence that Dawson was talking with his nose against the fence. Apparently they had been having quite a young person dialogue.
Dawson had the idea that they could play together by throwing his soccer ball back and forth over the fence. So here are a few videos of Dawson with his real imaganery fence friend.


Kelsey Donahue said...

I used to also have a fence friend that I would talk to frequently. Unfortunately there was never a physical person on the other side.

aunt didi said...

Awe - this is so cute. Dawson & his mystery friend:-)