Saturday, June 12, 2010


I told my sisters I would post pictures of our house. Our illegitimate house because... technically we don't own it yet. But when you're this excited, who cares? By the way, I'm doing this post while watching Phineas and Ferb, so I can't account for anything I write.
View of the front of the house. This is actually a picture of a picture on a flyer. I know, got desperate when I realized I never took a picture of the front of the house on the day I took all the pictures.
View of the living room as taken from the front entrance. I really want to put hardwood floor down. Would anyone like to support us financially in order for us to be able to do that. Seriously, it would be like taking 2 weeks off of supporting QVC. Just send your money to us instead of buying those new pink and white pipeline pajamas.
Dining room. I actually like the green color! At this current time, we have no kitchen table and chairs because we sold them before we moved. Once again, I don't like having carpet where we eat, and therefore would like hardwood floor. It has been stinking cold all day today outside. Sorry, that is completely unrelated, but I felt it was note worthy.
The second view of the kitchen is taken from the family room. What is the difference between a living room and a family room? One thing is for sure, we will not have furniture for one of them. So I guess we'll put the furniture we do have in the room with the fireplace. We have a fireplace! A wood burning fireplace! I am beside myself with glee.
The second view of the family room is taken from the upstairs. We have a ceiling fan! I'm beside myself with glee.
Master bedroom.
5 piece master bath. What are the 5 pieces, anyway?!
Spare bedroom 1 which looks exactly like spare bedroom 2 which is why I only took a picture of one of them. This one will be Dawson's room.
Dawson's bathroom which is just down the hall from him. I'm going to teach him to clean it.
Stairs. Most exciting picture.
We have a basement! The ugly carpet and ugly chair will not save me during the event of a tornado, and therefore they will not stay when I move in. Did you know I have a recurring dream about tornadoes? I'm always saved, but I have to go my neighbors childhood neighbors house and go to their cellar. True story.
And now it's time for pictures of the back yard. Which is amazing!
We have a deck! I'm beside myself with glee.
We have a shed! Jason is beside himself with glee.
The amazing landscaped back yard. Ahhh..


ashley said...

joy! your new house is amazing!!!! congrats! :)

Anonymous said...

Joy, who are 'Phineas & Ferb'?? I am beside myself with glee over your entire back yard, which is totally amazing and fabulous!! The house is okay, too...


Note to self for you: No tornadoes in CO, Dear; plenty of basement room for teenage Dawson & Friends with loud music, however.

Will look forward to veiwing home in person one day, can I choose the colors for the spare room, then?

Jessica said...

Hey Joy!

How exciting, the house looks great, and plenty roomy. Enjoy it...and hardwood floors. Well, that's all we have, and I would prefer carpet. There's good and bad to both, but enjoy what you have for now at least. :)

Angela said...

Awesome house! Congratulations!!

Dani said...

It looks like you are going to have lots of weeding in your future. And a dog. Your yard looks as if it is begging for a dog to come and run around in it. Yep, I think Dawson needs a dog. He would be beside himself with glee for sure.

I totally like the house too! Lovin' the tall ceilings. Will there be a bed in Spare Bedroom #2? I love a good roadtrip.

I miss you Joyous... but I am so happy for you. Congrats on the great house!! And thank you for blogging about it!!

Flick said...

yeah, yeah, yeah! this is awesome. i am so excited for you guys! good luck furniture shopping. do you have an ikea around? they are supposed to have great deals on furniture and neat stuff. i want to go to one so badly but we don't have one close by.

love ya!!!!!

aunt didi said...

Gorgeous house, decorating, yard & landscaping - WOW!!! We're sooo excited for you guys:-))

Holly said...

awesome home!!! with soon-to-be awesome occupants! ... not that you're not already awesome, but not quite living there yet... okay I think I need to end this comment now.

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Oh I'm beside myself with glee looking at those horrid window treatments! You know, that little sofa in the basement looks like it would fit an Ikea Ektorp slipcover!

Anita said...

Love Love Love your new home !! Cant wait to come and visit!!.........Miss and Love you all!

Anonymous said...

That is one awesome house! I'm jealous! Congrats! Candy