Saturday, June 23, 2012

Steamboat Sprangs (Springs)

Last week we took another memorable vacation to Steamboat Springs. Or "Sprangs" as Dawson calls it. I have yet to find out where he developed this southern twang for only the word "springs". Must be the vaccination shots he's had.  We stayed 3 days in this pretty ski town of Colorado. Of course we go to ski towns in June. Do you really think we could afford to go there during ski season?
This is the view of the condo where we stayed.
Let me show you some pictures of our room:
Please disregard the fact that we had to go to the bathroom sideways. Jason wanted to know why I even took that picture. Well. Let me tell you. The reason is this:
Do you see that stain?! The one with the arrow? I was conviced that the reason this particular condo was so affordable was because someone was MURDERD in the bathroom! Jason, on the other hand, said it's just a flaw in the tile. By the end of our stay I managed the courage to take a piece of toilet paper, wet it down and try to clean up the stain to prove to him it was blood.
I guess it's a flaw in the tile.
We had a hot tub on our front porch along with a fireplace. Of course we used the hot tub and fireplace in 90 degree heat. Who wouldn't?
Evan was showing us how Dawson is no match for his tummy time skills.
A view on one of our walks.
Dawson throwing rocks at kayakers. No. I'm kidding. There were no people around.
Speaking of Dawson...he fell asleep in our bed. We obviously did not...
Another view on one of our walks.
We did a huge hike straight up a mountain. Being overly enthusiastic, I encouraged Jason that we could do it despite the fact that I had Evan strapped to my chest. Yes. I am an idiot. 
As you can see we made it about two miles uup the hike and my face was beet red, my shoulders were killing me, I could hardly breathe BUT, I still managed a smile for this blog.
Pool Time! This was Evan's first experience in a pool. You should see him swim. He doesn't even need a life jacket. That's because we held him.
Speaking of Evan.. He napped like a champ in the pack-n-play on this trip. Just because he's wrapped like a mummy doesn't mean he doesn't like it.
We took Dawson swimming at a hot springs pool place. We didn't get any pictures of that place for some reason. Probably because there was too much cellulite.
*editor's note: since an hour ago when I published this post, I was given the great idea of stealing a picture of the hot springs place from their website. Here it is:
The picture above is Jason nearly fitting his butt on playground equipment.
Me and the boys relaxing on the couch.
I am ending the blog with this cute picture of Dawson. believe it or not, he loves to wear those goggles and his "snarkle" (as he calls it)... in the hot tub. He is Jason's kid.


Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures and vacation stories, glad your lives are no longer a secret. deb schermerhorn

Kevin Flick said...

love it! so was your face red from sunburn or just being hot. b/c if that was sunburn...OUCH! btw...your child is also red in that last pic. maybe you all are just red now. is that some type of colorado thang? did you like my twang? that was for dawson. ;)