Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Father's Day Dedication

We had Evan dedicated on Father's Day. He was looking rather cute in his brand new plaid shorts outfit and bare feet.  
Taking a good look at my niece Gabbi and Dawson, I'd say I dont' think they were paying attention to the dedication. More like it was a personal photo shoot.
This was near the end of the dedicatoin and I was looking at Evan to make sure he knew he was being dedicated and to also ensure he was not taking notes by watching his brother Dawson who I just yelled at for climbing on the altar. I guess that wasn't too bad though. My brother-in-law Steve was so desperate to keep Gabbi happy that he fed her a Klennex box.
To end this post here are some great pictures of Jason with the boys outside in our back yard on the big day.

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