Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hair and Stuff

I need a concencus. Please take a moment to humor me, look at the pictures that follow and give me a decision on what I need to do with my hair. I mean, this is a crisis people. Do I stay with dark hair? Get highlights? What about length and right now I have ... bangs! *Gasp*
Maybe the answer to my question is that I should diet.
Here we have the medium length highlighted look. I think I was going for the same color as Dawson so that people could tell that I'm his mother.
I do believe I'm more layered here. But note! I have a tan! And I should have sucked in.
This is closest to my natural color and the color it is now. Actually, it might be a just a tad bit lighter now. Although my hair is about that length. That is not my baby though. That's my niece's baby. His name is Frankie Ray. Okay, back to ME. Focus.
Go ahead. Let me know. I'll owe ya one.


Anonymous said...

I like the first one the best! The short length is super cute on you!

Anonymous said...

Is it okay to pick a picture or two that you didn't post? So I looked through all of your blog archives - actually just randomly picked a few. I LOVE your hair in the May 15, 2008 picture The great Mother's Day Debate. The color, shoulder length, straight style is soooo pretty on you. Also, the picture on your facebook from Dec. 12, 2009 with you guys in front of the fireplace. Your hair looks a tad longer there, but the color and straight style are super cute - just saying:D But you will look beautiful in whatever style you choose!!
~ Aunt Diana