Saturday, December 29, 2012

Opinions Appreciated

 Jason made me a gift certificate to get a cut and color from my favorite hair stylist for Christmas. (She does hair for celebrities!) So I began daydreaming about what I would do with my hair and how famous I will look once I'm done. But my daydreamer was broken and I couldn't picture myself looking famous. So I had the idea to google virtual makeovers instead. And I found one. And I used it. So below are the results of 4 different hair colors. And I need your opinion on which one to choose. Let me go through the process of how it worked. I mean, I actually put makeup on me!
First, I found the website. Then I uploaded this picture of me:
Jason actually cropped the picture down because I was feeding Evan. He saved the picture to my desktop and named it "yo mamma's bizkits". Should I be offended? I'm not sure.
Then, I was mostly interested in figuring out how to choose a hairstyle and color but they were pretty adamant that I put on makeup. So I did. I didn't change the makeup for the pictures though. I kept the makeup up the same in all of them and then just changed only the hair color.
THEN I got to the hair. Once I got to the hair I had to select the length. I want to keep it long-ish. So these celebrities with long hair pop up and you choose the celebrity hair that you want. I chose this chic. I have no clue who she is.
I like her hair though. So now I have her hair in her color on my head. You don't want to see that picture. Then I began picking the colors. This is where I need the opinions. Out of all 4 colors I chose, which one should I choose to go with?
This is the first option "Reddish-Brown":
Second Option "Strawberry Blonde"
Third Option "Mahogany"
And the Last Option "Ash Brown"
If you give me your opinions, I promise to have my stylist take my picture when she's done and I'll post it. See, I'm no fool. I know how to manipulate.
Really, my life hangs in the balance here. Please do your best to disregard my crooked nose.


Anonymous said...

Your own current hair looks the best of all - save your money..... And remember DO NOT TAKE OFFENSE. :)

Anita said...

I actually love your own natural hair color... You may add a few subtle highlights!! If u totally must change it .. Kazlan and i both liked the #1 and #3 colors!!! Love you!! :)

Felicia sweets :) said...

Ash brown or your own magnificent aunt joy u would make a beautiful celebrity :) awesome bizkits!!!!

Anonymous said...

Now that I've proved im not a robot because I types in the letters they showed me....I feel like a genius second in line from Einstein!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I think your own hair colo is beautiful, but if you feel you need a change I vote for a few subtle Hi and Lo lites :-)

Lindoo said...

I vote for just highlights. The first picture of just you is the best one - SO pretty!!! And I have a crooked nose too. I gave it to my son. I often apologize to him for his crooked nose. He doesn't care. I think only girls care about noses. And hair color. Guys say "huh? what's for dinner?"