Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Aftermath.

So Christmas came and went. Also. I want to point out how I know why they came up with the term "aftermath" to describe the mess left behind after a major event. I know because that's what happens in my brain after I'm required to calculate a math problem.
 I decided it was important to post about our Christmas before 2014 arrives. I know. I'm great like that.
We have a tradition that we have to get pictures on the stairs.
That tradition just started because we never owned stairs before. Previously I had planned to chop down said stairs to baby proof our home, but I had to make dinner. So. Let me inform you that it was Jason's idea to give Evan a mohawk for Christmas this year.
Dawson got the Broncos pj's for the present he gets to open on the 24th. That's another tradition we had. That one started when Dawson was born though. Because we owned Dawson when he was born.
Dawson got a new outfit. We did this because we were informed that someone "noticed that Dawson doesn't have good clothes anymore".
Evan seems happy that Dawson got a new outfit.
Evan only got 2 presents for Christmas.
One of those is this pathetic ball. This is because he has inherited every single toy that Dawson owned. But we felt bad so we went and bought him a baby bouncer and he got to open it before Christmas so we're still great parents.
I got Jason a Kindle for Christmas. This way he won't ever borrow mine.
One day I thought I would be a creative mom, and Dawson and I made our own tags for Christmas gifts. We made stockings and snowmen. Only I was not thinking things through and we used glitter puff paint on them. Which ended up on the kitchen island. I had to use a mixture of goo-be-gone, tape and Clorox. It's still on the kitchen island. Anyway, the stocking I made is taped to Jason's shirt.
The boys still love me. If my mom saw this picture she would yell about not being able to see Dawson's eyes.
Once again, it's time to expose you to real family life and attempts at perfect family pictures.

We had our fill of this location and moved on.

Dawson begged to hold Evan. You'll see how well that worked.

After the picture shenanigans, we had this great idea that Dawson was mature enough now to feed Evan. Leaving us a whole 15 minutes to do something productive. Like use the restroom.

Then we got bored.

So Jason took pictures of Evan being excited about nothing in particular.
Then we went to Jason's mom and dad's house to update our boredom status level.

I got a Kindle gift card and the Princess Bride DVD from Gloria because she had my name this year. And she didn't put my name back in the hat like she did last year.

Dawson got a Discovery laptop.
Really, this was a great Christmas. Aftermath and all.


Anonymous said...

I just love all your pictures and family traditions. The stair pictures started in our house when the kids were little. Did I really put your name back last year?

Oh well I made up for it this year with the nice gifts, I gave you.

ashley said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas!!! Glad you're doing well, miss you!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Joy, I noticed that if you open up your photo timeline thingee and run thru them pretty fast it makes a Wilkins' Christmas Flicker Film!! How fun is that!? Next, get a GoPro and just put it on the tripod and forget it's there and tape the whole thing for posterity. And scrapbooking. You are so funny, I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Once again, by the successful publishing of my post, I am pointing out that I am, in fact. NOT a robot.... I am your sister. Legally.

Karen said...

Oh my goodness.... I am so glad to finally have internet at home and be able to keep up with your amazing blog! You are so funny.
I love the strawberry blonde and the mahogany,, both. Of course I just think you are beautiful any old way, and you do not have a crooked nose!
I would have liked to see you in the hot blonde color that Miranda is donning in the original celeb photo. I'm sure whatever you choose will be pretty.I love you, and am so glad you are not a robot, but in fact are my legal sister!:-)