Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Reflections

 I've been rather sentimental lately, about Christmas. So I decided to break out some old pictures to bring my sentiment to life. Only, the one and only picture I found of me on Christmas is quite nappyheaded. I had a mullet. No one told me to tuck in my pocket. And my glasses were huge and brown and falling off my face. And my t-shirt was covered in safety pins because I thought it would keep me safe. 
But by golly there were a butt load of presents!
The black kettle on the tripod was not my gift. I know many of you will be disappointed to find that out.
Of course Jason, on the other hand, has the cutest Christmas picture ever. He told me he actually doesn't know where this picture was taken, so I'm going to say that he was superimposed into it, to make me feel better about my mullet. That's his cutie-butt sister sitting with him at the table.
I have to point something out in the picture because I realized that the doily looking stocking ornament on the tree is very similar to one I think we had when I was growing up. Which also reminds me that my sister Bobbie had these bubble lights on her Christmas tree that were my favorite. Let me see if I can find a picture of what they look like so that you can see because I'm forceful like that when it's my blog.
See! They bubble!
Moving on.
Jason and I have had the same Christmas tree that we bought when were first married back in 2003. Which is why I'm sad to say that we are giving it away this year. Actually, I'm not really sad about it, should I be? We are buying a taller, pre-lit tree when they go on sale after Christmas. So actually, if you know anyone who wants our old tree, leave me a comment on here, or leave me a comment on FaceBook. Speaking of the tree...
This is our Christmas in 2005. We were married in 2003 but I didn't have the energy to search for that picture or for the one from 2004 because I have a picture searching energy limit. You probably do too. A couple of disturbing things I have to point out about this picture. First of all though, there's our tree! We still decorate it just the same actually too. Now that I think about it. Anyway, if you look to the right of the tree you will see two things:
1. We hung our stockings on on a CD stand. That is ghetto.
2. That tortoise shell hanging on the wall to the right of the tree was Jason's prized possession that he smuggled (not technically, but nearly) home from Brazil one year (this was before I had met him). It's now in the basement packed away somewhere because it's like a deer head to me and is not public decor.
2006 was Dawson's first Christmas. We didn't put up our tree that year in our one-bedroom apartment because Dawson would have eaten it. So here's our family picture in front of a tree at my sister's house. Besides, this tree would have been more healthy for Dawson to eat because it was real and not plastic.
2007 was our first Christmas in our new home. There's our tree! Do you see the candle on the shelf in the inlet? Yeah. That was my idea.
 Here we are in 2008. Little did we know that this would be the last Christmas picture taken in our home. We sold this house and moved to Colorado just a few months before Christmas in 2009. Jason even blogged about that one.
So our Christmas in 2009 was spent at Jason's mom and dad's house because that's where we lived after moving. As you can see, the right side of this Christmas picture is blurry because our camera was broken. It was not a result of my makeup. Because I don't wear makeup.
 More pictures from that year are here. I can't let my blog go to waste you know. Actually, does anyone even read this?
We were in our new house in 2010 I fought back the urge to bring out the CD stand to hang our stockings on it even though we had a fireplace. No I didn't! Seriously people! But I have to say that I'm annoyed by this picture because a stray hair was on my cheek. Aren't there talking cameras?! Who will invent a talking camera that will say "remove stray hair"?!
Last year, 2011, I was pregnant, swollen and this picture makes me look miserable because I was, but our tree looks good. Jason is a perfectionist, so you can also see how centered it is in our family room.
And finally, the moment you've all been waiting for the Coup de grâce. Christmas 2012:
I'm wearing my JOY JOY JOY socks. You should all have them this time of year.
This is what Dawson saw when he came down the stairs yesterday morning:
Good-bye tree.


Kelsey Donahue said...

Hey if you are giving away your tree, I'd love to take it off your hands! We could really use one! :) And on a second note...that was the cutest blog post ever and it almost made ME cry because it was so stinkin' cute. I love your family so much! :) Can't wait for our lunch date soon!

Anonymous said...

You have made ME nostalgic for your Christmases, Joy! What a great post and great family....

Anonymous said...

Also, Joy, did you notice you are wearing a short-sleeved safety-pinned t-shirt at the end of December in Indiana, because our houses were always upwards of 90 in the winter. We were really lucky that way!

Aunt Helen said...

Yes, your blog is read . . . at least by one person in Indiana who misses you all. Glad you had a great Christmas and I do enjoy your blog.


fruity Felicia :) said...

Amazing aunt joy! I wonder if im funny like...your so funny.....and creative oh the creativeness (that's not a word which makes me creative ;) of the children of Carolyn depew we must thank her for passing it on :)