Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Journey to the North Pole

The weekend of Thanksgiving the whole family decided to take a trip to the  North Pole. Jason calls this place "a fair on steroids". I loved it. Who cares what the kids thought. Just kidding. The North Pole is an amusement park with a Christmas theme. You can take the kids to sit on Santa's lap for pictures -something we didn't do because I'm scared of Santa. They have tons of rides there for kids of all ages. Jason and I both went on rides with Dawson. You know, so he wouldn't feel left out or anything... There was no line for the slide so Dawson went down. It was slower than molasses. Well, how slow I imagine molasses would be if it went down a slide.
Here they all are waiting for Dawson and I because we were in line to go on this:
Oh yeah! The Tilt-O-Whirl! I love that ride. I think I should have been a carney.
Next up we rode the umbrella thing. I can't think of the technical name for the ride but can you believe some of these rides were invented in the 1800's? (Come to think of it, based on the rust factor of some of these rides... they may be the original).
A perfect diagonal shadow across my face.

Hi Evan.

Dawson was willing to curl up and ride this ride with his sweet cousin Mia. She loves him and I'm pretty sure he likes it that she adores him.
That's Jason and Dawson peeking through in the second car from the front on this roller coaster. I was holding Evan and trying to get a picture of a moving object up in the air. Sheesh!

Um. At least I got the top of Jason's hand and you can see all 5 of Dawson's fingers!

Dawson thought he was cool because he could ride with no hands... while the coaster was barely moving.

Absolutely. I got Dawson and I spinning like nobodies business on the Tubs-O-Fun. Who named this right? They should try again.

Hi Evan.
We didn't want Evan to feel left out of the fun. So we let him ride the
Car-Seat-Stroller -Combination-O-Fun. He liked it.
By the end of the day, Dawson felt so inspired that he decided to compose his Christmas gift list:

So that you are all aware, we did not teach Dawson about Santa. I refused to allow Santa to take the credit for all of my hard work.


Anonymous said...

So, Joy, now do you know why I loved having such a younger baby sister? I got to do all the cool things I wanted to do because I forced you to go and used that as my excuse. :) Don't worry, the kids will never catch on. Keep their little heads spinning from that tub-o thingee.
And yes, we come by the Carney gene honestly.....

coolest neice to ever walk planet earth ;) said...

Ha! Aunt joy u can't fool anyone u are a Carney! And tub-o-fun is a fantastic name for that ride u should be willing to accept it....although it reminds me of tub of lard????? Hilarious!!! I crack me up....and u cannot take all the credit away from Santa that's just not traditional come on now....and I like it that I can choose my name everyone I comment....makes me wanna comment even more :)