Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thanksgiving First

You should all know that Dawson is the inspiration behind the title of this post. I said to him "Dawson, I need a title about our Thanksgiving Day" and he said "Ummm. How about Thanksgiving First". So there you go.
I shall say that I'm thankful for these two little turkeys.
And my tummy was thankful for this one:
Just before Thanksgiving, Evan began crawling. He does this little sideways crawl, so as you can see in the picture it appears that he is trying to stop crawling and sit up, when really... no, that's his crawling position.
 You are about to be exposed to 500 pictures of our family. This is because I believe all people everywhere should experience the painful effort it takes to get a perfect picture of a family of 4. See for yourself...
Jason looks drugged, I'm looking at Evan, Evan is looking at me and Dawson is smiling at the camera with gorilla arms.
Let's get everyon looking at the camera and see if Evan will smile.
 Great idea, we sat him up. Still no smile.
 No thank you.
And... not so much. So, we took a break to go eat our feast. 
We had a guest this year. A friend from church. I, of course, am surrounded by light because I'm the angelic Thanksgiving diva.
 Look at that cutie butt smiley Gabi!
We finished our meal, fought over who would clean up (I'll take a minute to insert here that I demanded paper plates this year, or someone else would be doing dishes. I won.)
And after the meal we took a few more attempts at that pefect shot.
Evan is more like... seriously people, I'd rather eat toe jam for the rest of my life than have my picture taken. However...
Look! We all smiled. But my hair is crazy and my smile is delirious. The craziness you get just before you are about to snap.
And then, it happens. It's not pefect, but it's good enough.
Evan was so traumatized by the experience that he napped.
After the festivities, we went home to relax. Look who decided to break out the fun.
Jason only sucks on the pacifier when he's tired. No worries.
 And Dawson only sucks on the pacifier when he's tired of his thumb.
To conclude this Dawson titled post, here are the pictures of the 1,000 piece glow in the dark puzzle that Dawson and I completed while he was on Thanksgiving break.
 See it GLOW?

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