Thursday, February 21, 2013

Avengers Have Birthdays

Meet Dawson. The 7 year old.
Meet Dawson's 7 year old Avenger cake.
Okay. The cake is not 7 years old. But I really needed to try and keep my sentences precise and similar. I don't know why. I just wanted to. We didn't know until after the fact that the Avenger A lit up with a tiny light bulb. I think WalMart owes us an explanation.
These are the party favors that Dawson and Grammy G made. They should make party favors for my birthdays. I would have them make Avenger thongs.
Here is the party table. I would like you all to take notice of my perfectly placed plastic forks. I do believe that is an example of Alliteration.
The table of presents which is quite lovely.
We planned this party for days because we figured we'd have to come up with something for the kids to do. I know. We're for hire.
So we came up with some games. Jason was in charge of those.
Here are the behaved children, lined up ready to play.
First game: tape a streamer to your butt and run. Okay so the object of the game is to collect as many streamers as you can. But it sounds more fun to to just say tape it to your butt and run.
Second game: frisbee toss. They had to land their small Avenger frisbee in the bucket. No one made it. What is wrong with kids these days? Too many video games.
Next game: Shoot the Captain America Target. Jason drew the target. If I had drawn it it would have looked like this: o  only sloppier.
Up next: tie a balloon to your ankle and keep the others from popping it. They all liked this game but I don't like the sound of balloons popping. It reminds me of drive-by shootings.
Apparently this guy was last and decided to pick up his balloon and dive so they tackled him.

A random shot of everyone's backside. Gotta love those.
The final and favorite game before cake. Poop Deck. Here they are poop decking: 
Opening presents. I should have known better to let Evan down on the floor for this part because somewhere in the process he ate a piece of balloon and pooped it out the next day. The boys are actually more enamored with him than the presents though.

A present before the mess:

A present and an annoying mess:

I'm quite certain Dawson had a great time at the party because later that night he was so tired that he burst into tears for no reason. Now that's tired. I mean for a boy. Because boys don't have PMS.
Happy Birthday My Little Avenger!


Anonymous said...

Dawson's Mommy and Daddy did such a nice job on his 7th BIRTHDAY party! Love all the pictures and funny comments.

And no, we are NOT making favors for your birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

What, you couldn't get all the MIS-BEHAVING guests to pose for a photo?? Joy, you look FABULOUS, I must say! And there should be absolutely no surprise that everyone there, pint-sized included, are fascinated by wee Evan; he has that type of aura. Personally, I'd like to hire you guys for my 57th Birthday Party, but you won't let me have my own 'smash cake', I already know.... What a terrific party for your own little Avenger!!