Friday, November 29, 2013

A Thanksgiving Post

 I made caramel apple cupcakes with salted caramel cream cheese frosting for our Thanksgiving day dessert.
The first batch I made had egg shells in them. A discovery made by Jason when he bit into one to see how it tasted. This is important to know because this set the mood for my Thanksgiving day. Jason and I fought because he wanted me to go ahead and serve up the cupcakes and I was upset and wanted to make a brand new batch. I had to run to the grocery store and get more apples and a box of cake mix, and the store was crowded with people buying items which I imagined was due to all of them suffering the same plight as me and they all had egg shells in their cupcakes. I'm certain of it now that I think about it. You will notice that I am not posting pictures of said cupcakes as it goes against my food picture policy. So unless their is a riot in my comments, don't plan to see them.
Dawson was bored because he just wanted to get on with the day and he wouldn't be quiet while Evan napped which upset me too. So I told Jason I wasn't celebrating Thanksgiving this year and to leave me home to wallow in self pity.
But I was hungry so I celebrated anyway. Celebrate isn't the right word. More like endured.
I tried getting a few pictures of Evan and Dawson.
This one would have been lovely if it wasn't so blurry. Just a testimony to my blurry mood.
One picture was enough for Evan apparently. He decided to jet.

While we finished the preparations for the meal, Evan ran amok on the little fire engine with his big brother "Don-Don" aiding him.
Finally it was time to eat and my attitude melted away with Mia's prayer for our meal which began "Good Jesus"... and then just a bit later as we were sharing our "What are you thankful for" observations it got to Gabbi who immediately busted out with "Jesus". And to think,  I was only thankful for my family and my yoga pants.
My sis-in-law Jenessa, is very modest about her holy family.
After the partaking of the meal together, it was time for our traditional picture taking assembly.
I'm going to guess we won't see a perfect family picture until the children are in middle-school and we can use Christmas presents as a threat.
I wanted a new FB profile picture and thought I should have one taken of Jason and I. Only I don't like my hair.  My friend Ashley might recognize the clothes I'm wearing though.
I'm confident we nailed the perfect family portrait with every single picture sporting one family member not looking at the camera.
I'm distressed by the placing of my left arm which served no purpose.
If you'll pay close attention, you'll spy with your little eye a Mia affectionately giving her big cousin Dawson a tap on the leg and then on the arm. Also, the dog's not ours but I was hoping she would deflect attention from the useless placing of my arm.
Although I deeply missed my Indiana family this year, I still have lots to be thankful for. Like a second batch of cupcakes sans egg shells.


My Weight loss Journey said...

Our Thanksgiving was pretty much endured also.... I ate my engulfed my dinner which I held on my lap while listening to the ever present Katelyn screaming, not much for the background ambiance..(spelling-eek)

Anonymous said...

I love those blurry little guys.... Where did you get the cool shirt??